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New AML release 0.9.10

The main new feature in AML 0.9.10 is the generation of 3D Boxes for both MAME machines and Software Lists:


Note that if you have a full artwork collection the generation of all MAME and SL 3D Boxes will take 15/20 hours each. AML is now able to export DAT XML files in Logiqx format that you can use on ClrMamePro, but this needs a bit more testing specially for non-split sets. MAME custom filters now check for errors, for example, if you define a Genre or Control which doesn't exists AML will trigger a warning.

AML has now preliminary support for the Retroarch MAME 2003 Plus core. The idea will be to support all Retroarch MAME cores capable of producing an XML file. This is a required step to support Kodi Retroplayer MAME cores in AML.

Note that it will take a few days until AML 0.9.10 gets into the Kodi official addon repository and updated automatically in your Kodi box.

Upgrading AML to release 0.9.10

1) Download AML 0.9.10 from the Kodi addon repository. AML is under the category Program add-ons and Game add-ons, Game providers.

2) Before generating the database and scanning your assets, go to "Utilities" and select "Check AML configuration". Make sure every feature you want is OK and green, otherwise check the AML addon settings.

3) Open the context menu in any root window row, select "Setup Plugin" and then "All in one step". This will extract MAME XML, rebuild all the databases and rescan ZIP/CHD files and assets. You will need to update the Custom filters as well.

4) In the root window, go to "Utilities" and select "Check/Update all Favourite objects." This will bring your MAME Favourites, MAME Most Played, etc. up to date with the last version of the database.

Note that some files in AML data directory have changed. If you want to delete all cruft, then completely wipe out the AML data directory and start from scratch. If you want to keep your MAME Favourites and SL Favourites, then make a backup of the files Favourite_Machines.json and Favourite_SL_ROMs.json, and restore these files after the upgrade.

Advanced MAME Launcher | version 0.9.10 | 10 May 2019

FEATURE  Option to disable Software Lists at all in Vanilla MAME mode.

FEATURE  Management of MAME Favourite objects (delete missing, delete single).

FEATURE  Management of SL Favourite objects (delete missing, delete single).

FEATURE  Initial support for Retroarch MAME 2003 Plus core.

FEATURE  [CORE] Ability to export DAT files in Logiqx format for MAME ROMs and MAME CHDs.

FEATURE  [CORE] Differentiate between Non-merged and Fully non-merged MAME ROM sets.
         Non-merged sets do not include BIOS and device ROMs.
         Fully non-merged sets include BIOS and devices ROMs (every ROM required to run each
         machine). Pleasuredome ROM sets are Fully non-merged.
         This needs more testing.

FEATURE  [FILTERING] Test the filters for errors. For example, test that all the drivers
         defined in <Driver> exist. Another example, test that the genres defined in
         <Genre> and the controls defined in <Controls> exist.

FEATURE  [FILTERING] Warn the user if errors found in the XML filter definition, maybe in
         a report the user can read later.

FEATURE  [FILTERING] Make a filter report the user can read. Now, only the number of machines
         after filtering is reported.

FEATURE  [GRAPHICS] Generate MAME machines and SL items 3D Boxes.

FEATURE  [GRAPHICS] Refactoring of the Fanart and 3D Box code generation. Creation of

FEATURE  [GRAPHICS] Only generate 3D Boxes if both Fyler and Clearlogo (MAME) or Boxfront (SL)
         are present. Avoid having empty 3D boxes.

FEATURE  [CORE] Improved filter "Machines by Display Type" and removed filter
         "Machines by Display Rotation."

FEATURE  [CORE] New catalog filter "Machines by Display VSync freq." Inspired by
         MASH's MAMEINFO Vsync.ini.

FEATURE  [CORE] New catalog filter "Machines by Display Resolution" Inspired by
         MASH's MAMEINFO Screen.ini.

FEATURE  [CORE] New catalog filter "Machines by CPU" Inspired by
         MASH's MAMEINFO CPU.ini.

FEATURE  [CORE] Rewrite the INI loading engine.
         See comments in header of function mame_load_INI_datfile().

FEATURE  [CORE] New INI file Artwork.ini (produced by MASH's MAMEINFO).
         Catalog filter "Machines by Artwork".
         Note that Artwork.ini places the same machine in different categories. Maybe other
         INIs do the same and currently AML does not support this. This requires
         some changes in AML engine.

FEATURE  New catalog "Version added"

FEATURE  [CORE] New INI file Category.ini (produced by MASH's MAMEINFO).
         Catalog filter "Machines by Category".

FEATURE  [CORE] New "All in one (Extract, Build and Scan)" options:
         1) Delete current to "All in one (Extract, Build, Scan)"
         2) Add "All in one (Extract, Build, Scan, Filters)"
         3) Add "All in one (Extract, Build, Scan, Filters, Audit)"

FEATURE  [CORE] By request of Rufoo, support MAME 3dboxes.

FIX      Fixed a couple of crashes when executing context menus, thanks to Dax9.

FIX      Fix the render_skin_*() functions. These are called by skins to get a list of

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