v16 Loading large albums takes forever
(2017-01-30, 13:23)DaveBlake Wrote: I am human, poke me with a stick and I get grumpy!

Sorry for that feeling I may have induced!
But asking for a statement isn't poking with a stick, that's my view on humanity.

Quote:I explained there is a known flaw with large lists being slow to display. It is a fundamental design issue so is not esy to fix, but I understand it enough to know I do not have the resources (time, skill, others to collaborate with) to even begin to address it. Instead I offer the user a work around, that is the best I've got.

Thx for stating that and making it clear! I certainly respect set limits!

Quote:I admit that I am not too distressed about that, but nothing would be gained even if I were. Some people may see the slowness of very large lists of songs as a terrible flaw, but as a user myself I have never found it a problem. Why is that? Well for me a digital library is all about being able to easily make short lists that target my needs, not wade through the lot. So I observe this users need, and I compare it to my own, and I conclude that Kodi is useable even if it isn't what everyone wants. I also conclude that if I work on things that make targeted lists easier, something I do have the resouces for, then that will be of benefit.

Fine with that, too. You decide what you want to work at.
From what I've read regarding further development of kodi, I only doubt it being easy to convince the ones in charge as long as the flaws from above aren't addressed, too. I may also have read wrong here...
May I ask for a short statement if these plans of yours together with your set limits are negotiated and agreed?

Quote:Then @Rusendusen I hear from you that "Kodi should do this", that it is "unacceptable" etc. Well you are entitled to your view, that is fine, but it also sounds like you want me to do something more. Well your wanting and repeating does not make the resources appear, and the frustration of being on the receiving end makes me understand why some of the long standing dev team members have a little to do with users as possible.

Honestly, in v16 the only real use for the DB is to find artwork more easily and to aggregate long lists showing the flaws. Maybe searching is possible, too (My view may be too short here and I oversee other benefits). It would just be nice to have a level of agreement...
It's not your fault or responsibility and it probably is more than prior to v16.
Further, I don't see you being responsible for to fix these flaws. Lastly no one is, as it is open source. If there's one with the interest, resources and skill, it's his (or hers) decision to take responsibility. (btw, no one is responsible for my wishes, but me...)
I haven't had the chance to test v17 thoroughly and have a look at the additions and changes you made, as I firstly wanted to have my productive system working. That's where I stumbled upon these flaws and found the one with deeper knowledge being you, so I asked (and yes, I also suggested, but not with the aim of making someone responsible, but to find a level of agreement regarding the current state). I've learned about restrictions, the positive effects of MBIDs and other small things, so I decided to wait with v17 until my data is in an acceptable state to head over. Main goal is to not come up with "usermade" confusions (being it wrong tagged data, corrupted DB, etc). If I start testing v17. I want to keep the mistakes from my side as few as possible, to not poke around or eat up someone elses time.

Again, and I state that as clearly as possible, the only one being responsible from my perspective is the collective. It's responsible for devs hiding, for blaming, for claiming something isn't working without providing logs or proper infos, for misuse of what a media center is made for, etc... but even for success, popularity, etc etc.

I can't see my fault for calling something unacceptable which is only accepted simply because no one has the resources to fix. A working state is always more acceptable than a not working one, that's for sure.
It's not you or your efforts I'm calling unacceptable.
The feeling I've got from reading around is that music in kodi is in an accepted state (dev wise), but not in a good state

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