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Windows - Custom backend
TLDR; Is there any method to play Smoothstreams (PlayReady DRM) streams with EPG in Kodi?
TLDR2; If no, is there a starting guide on binary addons, or should I just browse sources?

Not sure on where exactly to post. Please move if this isn't the place Wink

So I'll start by explaining my situation, I'll try to keep it short.

My cable company offers live streams to watch the channels using their Apps and website. I want to play these streams using the TV menu of Kodi, so I can also benefit from EPG. I tried using the simple IPTV client, but since the streams are DRM protected, this wouldn't work out.

They offer streams in MPD (widevine DRM) and Smoothstream (playready) format. The MPD stream is protected using session's, which would be possible to reverse engineer, but also time consuming. The smoothstream streams however, aren't protected any further, and I managed to write a simple player in C# (Because silverlight) that plays the streams. So now I have a windows app that plays TV streams, which is fully customizeable, and Kodi, which I want to use as a frontend, to call my custom player for playback of those streams.

I'm fairly new to Kodi addon development, and also to C++, but I think I should manage. In my opinion the best way to learn is to simply start somewhere, and learn as you go, so that's what I'm planning to do. But I need some hints on how to combine certain things. For example, is this even possible.

But first things first, is there some kind of starter guide/examples of binary addons (PVR addons to be specific). I see a lot on Python addons, but not on Binary addons, which is what I think I need in this case.
Maybe this will point itself out when I'm actually started.. But how would I handle pause/play for example? Would this be handled in Kodi, which sends a command to my playeri, or the other way around. Capture input in my custom player, and then send a command to Kodi.

Any better ideas are appreciated as well Big Grin
I was just looking for something similar, my current provider (Time Warner Cable) uses TV-Everywhere to access other sites such as Animal Planet, Music Choice, etc... I would imagine lots of us that use Kodi would find either a "pvr client" or "Kodi Addon" very useful.

Time Warner Cable also offers web browser viewing (right clicking gives this information):
TWC Player 1.5.0
Global Settings...
Check for updates...
About Adobe Flash Player

PSDK is Adobe Primetime Media Player SDK

Time Warner Cable offers android, roku apps, and possibly others.

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