***** START HERE - Kodi Krypton problems - and common Android FAQ's with Help *****
There seems at the moment to be endless repetition of common questions regarding the recent Kodi Krypton release.
So a FAQ is needed:

Q. I cannot install Kodi Krypton on my Android device ?
You need Android Lollipop 5.0 as a minimum OS for Kodi Krypton.
Find out which version of Android you are running by looking in Android Settings > About > Version

Kodi cannot help with Android Firmware upgrades. See your device vendor for help or the Freaktab website.

Other causes are 3rd party, custom Kodi versions blocking installation, these need to be removed first...

Q. But my Android device is stuck on Android version 4.4.2 what can I do ?
Read This post.
NOTE: There is NO support on these Kodi Android forums for modded forks of Kodi. See the MyGica forums for help.

OR - Simply Stop stuffing about with a buggy Android OS if you want Kodi to work properly - this is now my recommended solution for those with AMLogic S8xx/S905(x) devices....

Install LibreELEC Kodi Krypton to a microSDHC card (Samsung EVO, Sandisk or Lexar 300x Class10) if you have an AMLogic S8xx/S905(x) device. LibreELEC runs entirely from the SD card in a Dual Boot config. Internal Android is untouched.

Q. I need to Uninstall Kodi ?
Clear Data and Clear Cache's may be needed too if you want a completely clean Kodi again.
Generic touchscreen Android > In Android Settings > Apps > Downloaded Apps > Kodi > Uninstall
Android TV > simply Long press the big OK button over the offending Kodi App and move to the Trash Can.

Then simply download Kodi Krypton from the Google Playstore - the correct version will auto download. The very easy method is to make sure you are signed into Google on your Android device and then find a PC / Mac / Tablet and use its Web browser and the Goggle Playstore to view and install Apps to your Android media player.

Semi decent Alternate Android Apps store than may help to install Kodi is (click) Aptoide

Q. Where can I download Kodi Krypton 17.0 final for Sideloading (using X-Plore File Manager App) from a USB Stick ?

arm64-v8a Kodi can only be installed on the 64bit Intel/Android OS devices = the nVIDIA Shield or the FireTV2.
2017 4K HDR FireTV (Gen 3) is 32bit and uses armv7 Kodi.

Q. Will my Kodi Addons and user settings migrate to Kodi krypton ?
Yes but there can be problems migrating 3rd party Addons and Krypton will stall during the upgrade process.
Using the Uninstall method above clean Kodi and all data and caches before and try again, all Kodi user settings will be deleted as well.

Q. I turned my Android device on this morning and find it has Auto Updated from Kodi Jarvis to Krypton - why ?
Android Apps in the Google Play Store will autoupdate when new versions become available unless you specifically disable the Auto Update feature in the Google Play Store itself. This is not a Kodi problem.

Q. But Kodi Krypton now does not work properly, help ?
Old incompatible (with Kodi Krypton), or very poor device Firmware will be the problem. Kodi cannot help with device Firmware problems. Bug your seller or visit the Freaktab website.
And stop buying Chinese junk, Android devices that get no Firmware support from the seller.

You will either have to install Koying's SPMC from the Play Store (Kodi Jarvis version) or Uninstall Kodi Krypton and sideload Kodi Jarvis 16.1 again from here:
PS. Don't forget to Disable Google Play Store - Apps Auto updating.

Q. I cannot get any Krypton Passthrough Audio working at all ?
Click - Start you Krypton Audio setup again from Scratch

Q. My DTS and Passthrough Audio no Longer works with Kodi Krypton ?
Please read Welcome to Android MediaCodec (Audio) standards and hassle your device vendor and manufacturer to implement the required Google IEC Audio standard that is now used by Kodi Krypton - into Android Firmware.

Q. But I have the required IEC Audio support in my new nVIDIA Shield, and passthrough audio still does not work ?
See Page #1 or #2 of the nVIDIA Shield threads in this Android sub-forum or Hardware sub-forum for specific help.

Q. I can no longer get 5.1 AC3 Passthrough using any TV PVR Addons ?
5.1 AC3 Audio passthrough is no longer implemented with Kodi Krypton PVR's. This was a Krypton reliabilty/usability decision.

Q. My Philips / Sony / AMLogic device / TV no longer plays video properly with Kodi Krypton ?
Again it will be a Firmware support problem, details of Kodi Krypton changes for such devices are in:
Welcome to Android MediaCodec (Video) standards

Q. I am seeing a strange small preview circle on the right centre of the screen ?
Your system is infected !
Its called the free ES File Explorer App. Which has now turned into the most annoying Adware, Bloatware, Spyware App on the Google Play Store. Uninstall it right away and use the X-Plore or Total Commander Apps instead.

Then warn others in the Google Play Store and Vote the ES File Explorer App 1 Star. Sad

Q. I've upgraded to Kodi Krypton and now Airplay no longer works ?
The Kodi Airplay implementation is a reverse engineered hack and breaks regularly when Apple does an iOS update.
The Solution is to buy an Apple certified Airplay Receiver or use this nice Android - AirScreen - AirPlay & iTunes App


Combining Sticky threads here as well for a Tidy Up...

***READ ME FIRST BEFORE POSTING*** Android FAQs, common issues, instructions

Android (wiki)

Android FAQ (wiki)

All platforms FAQ (wiki)

Archived Sticky threads....

HOWTO: Move Kodi's data to external memory on an Amazon Fire TV - by hulbert

(2016-02-06, 11:25)Koying Wrote: Yeah, sorry about that, not our fault, really.
I've started digging into the Android api, but it really, really does not fit a native, cross-platform, app as Kodi.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. If you make a new thread with a "howto" (basically the post above with a bit of context), I'll stick it.

HOWTO: Move Kodi's data to external memory on an Amazon Fire TV

Short version for the Amazon Fire TV (AFTV):
  • Create a file on your AFTV called, "/mnt/sdcard/xbmc_env.properties"
  • xbmc_env.properties contains one line to tell Kodi where you're data is located
  • This line should read: xbmc.data=/usbdisk/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files
  • "usbdisk" is the name of a flash drive plugged into the usb port. Verify this location
  • Changes to Android permissions require that the path for Kodi data on your external device be /Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files
  • Copy your settings to the USB drive
  • If your settings are on internal storage, copy the contents of: /storage/emulated/0/android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files to /usbdisk/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files
  • Mount the external storage on your AFTV

Kodi should now load it's library and user settings from your external device.

Long version:

Recent upgrades to Android OS have changed the access premissions of the SD card and USB drives. These changes require your attention when attempting to relocate your Kodi data to secondary storage.

Quote:Note: When the permissions changed the update happened automatically by the device and this cannot be blocked on a Amazon Fire TV without rooting. After the update, Kodi would launch and hang on a blank screen, or launch and then immediately fail. Before the upgrade Kodi had been working flawlessley. The change was very disorienting since an update to the OS had not been requested, but instead pulled by the device.

These instructions were written up based on an Amazon Fire TV running version 5.0.5 of the AFTV OS. They should also offer you enough insight to update other Android devices which will behave similarly once their Android OS has been updated to include these permission changes.

After the permission changes you can only move your data to a place that your application is allowed to write.

To move your data from internal storage to external you must place it in the folder:


Using the USB port and a san disk USB drive on the AFTV, for example, the <external_device_name> is called usbdisk. On that device the files were placed in the folder:


To move your data, follow these steps.

Create a file called, "xbmc_env.properties", it should have one line in it that tells Kodi where you're data is located.


Put "xbmc_env.properties" in the root of your internal storage. On the AFTV this should be /mnt/sdcard so put the file at the following file path:


Copied your Kodi data files to new location (/usbdisk/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files). The Kodi data folders start with a period ("."). On the configuration used for these instructions these folders were called:
  • .kodi
  • .smb

If you initially install Kodi on internal storage and move these folders to external on the AFTV you will find them at:


Quote:Note: Remember that on Android these folders can be mapped to multiple paths. The path above is not the only one to which the folder above has been mapped so if you look around your device you can likely get to the data files multiple ways. Use these instructions as a guide, but your mileage may vary.

Inside the internal data folder for Kodi (/storage/emulated/0/android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files) you should see folders beginning with a period (".kodi"). These are the folders that should be placed into the folder listed in your "xbmc_env.properties" file.

xbmc_env.properties is detected by Kodi during startup and, if found, Kodi reads it to locate it's data. If this location is incorrect, Kodi will not start or hang will hang on a blank screen. If you don't have an external drive mounted or the path in the xbmc_env.properties file does not exist, Kodi may ignore it and load, but of course it will be using the settings from internal memory. If there are no settings on your internal memory it will create them and use the default settings.

To push the "xbmc_env.properties" to the AFTV, created the "xbmc_env.properties" where adb.exe is located and use these commands. Substitute your devices IP address for xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (you can find your device's IP address in the settings under network).

Push "xbmc_env.properties" to the Fire TV with these commands:

adb connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
adb push "xbmc_env.properties" "mnt/sdcard/xbmc_env.properties"
adb disconnect

Copy your Kodi data files (.kodi, etc) to your external storage device at the location listed in "xbmc_env.properties" and put the storage device into the AFTV. When you launch Kodi it should find the "xbmc_env.properties", be redirected to use the new data location on your external device, and load.

One advantage of using an external device is that you can easily backup your settings from time to time. To do so, go into Kodi and under "System Settings->Video->Library->Export video library" - this will update the play counts and any edits you've made via the Kodi interface. Whether you use the single file export or separate file export depends on the way you've setup your library. You may want to "Clean library..." before exporting.

After exporting your library, quit out of Kodi, go into the settings and eject the external device, take it to your computer and backup the /Android folder or more specifically the folders at /Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files.

Happy watching.

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