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Release Catch-Up TV & More
Catch-up TV & More



Catch-Up TV & More is a video addon for the Kodi media center (former XBMC). This plugin brings together all the videos of the various services and channels of catch-up TV. Furthermore, this addon allows you to quickly access the videos and content offered by certain websites.
Catch-Up TV & More works on Kodi 17 and 18.
Catch-Up TV & More also allows you to access of some live TV channels.

Available channels:

Available websites:

How to install the last version of the plugin:

Official website:

Bugs, questions, improvements ...

Bug reports, suggestions for improvements or content additions are welcome! GitHub, e-mail or forum.

GitHub (source code):
Thanks for this really nice addon. Just quickly tested it seems to work pretty well. Just two issues for the moment :
- M6 whenever setting I set for quality it always play a 480p stream
- NRJ12 doesnt play any stream I get a 403 error in log, maybe it's because I use a vpn do you know if their content is geoblocked ?
Hi mac1202,

Thanks for your feedback!

In the first version I had a bug with NRJ12, maybe it's the problem? I don't know if the content of NRJ12 is geoblocked, the next week I will be in Belgium, I will test NJR12.
For now you can test the GitHub version on the dev branch : https://github.com/SylvainCecchetto/plug...ve/dev.zip I think this one work for NRJ12.

I will check for the M6 quality ;-)
the 403 error on nrj12 is with the dev version, with the master branch nrj12 wasn't showing any categories.
I just tested NRJ12 and the channel works well in France, so I think this channel is geoblocked... Sorry.
And for M6 I think that I know why you have this 480p stream.

I use the cache system of simple plugin framework (http://romanvm.github.io/script.module.s...ched.html#) to speed the addon reactivity.

My cache duration is set to 10 minutes, so you have to wait 10 minutes to have the 720p video.

You can test this think : set the M6 quality to "Force HD" and after that play a video that you haven't played yet. Normally this one may start with 720p.

Maybe I should set something to delete the cache file if one settings is modified ... I will look at this ;-)
Yes just tested with vpn disabled and it work.
No luck with m6 still 480p I even try to delete the content of userdata/addon_data/plugin.video.catchuptvandmore/ just keeping the settings.xml but it still the same. Sad
Issue is still present with freplay if it can help you to find out where the problem come from.
Oh Sad

Maybe the video is only available in 480p, but I doubt.

Can I ask you which video it is ?
I try several videos from top chef or chasseurs d apparts
Oh yes I justed test with a Top Chef video.

In the m3u8 file the maximum resolution available is 720p, and with the "Force HD" settings the script (6play.py) return the correct URL (with the 720p resolution).

Strangely Kodi keep showing 480 SD on the bottom right of the screen. But during the video play you can check the real resolution by pression the o key or the i key, in my case I see 720x416 px ...

So I don't know why Kodi is showing 480 SD.
Because 720p is 1280x720, 720x4xx is 480p Smile
Maybe is like you say in your previous post some stream arent available in 720p.
Pffff you are right, i'm stupid Confused

So yes, some streams have only 720x4xx maximum resolution Confused
Ok thank for checked out.

I have a problem with the replay of Canal +, he tells me to check the log ?

An idea why does not it work ?
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