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Can't get Chorus2 to play NextPVR recordings
I originally posted this on the Chorus2 forum, but got no replies so I copied it here.....
I tried a number of times to play my NextPVR recordings via the web interface (Chorus2) /Kodi with no success. After searching forums and other google searches I have concluded that it is a transcoding (or lack thereof) issue with Kodi.

Since I CAN play recordings via the NextPVR web interface I'm puzzled why the NextPVR recordings cannot be played via the Kodi web interface.
I'm a huge fan of Kodi and would love to use it as a frontend exclusively to play these recordings rather than dealing with the NextPVR UI/web interface.

Can anyone clear this up for me?
hi, well, i don't use pvr nor NextPVR, so i can't help you entirely. but maybe i might help in finding the problem. do you know how you can find out, what command is sent by the webinterface (browser) to kodi? you can find this for example with firebug in firefox. when you can post here the post and it's reply we can see if there is something wrong.
the opening command could be something like this:
"{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "Player.Open", "params": { "item": { "file": "/path/to/file/filename.mp4" }, "options":{ "resume": false } }, "id": 1 }"

and the response if succeeding would be:
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
I assume this is talking about local streaming in your browser and not playback in kodi.

My best guess it is the codec and NextPVR is doing transcoding before sending it to its own web interface, where as when it supplies the stream/recording to kodi it is in its raw format and thus too much for your browser to handle.

Chorus uses "Files.PrepareDownload" to get the file location which is generally just a path to the file using /vfs and then just embeds it in the page using the <video> tag. In the local player there is a download button in the local player, you can try downloading the file then drop it into your browser and see if it plays natively, I bet it wont.

Support Kodi transcoding! Wink
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Can't get Chorus2 to play NextPVR recordings00