Solved Krypton RC - $INFO[Player.SeekStepSize] empty when seeking
Im using it in VideoOSD.xml and DialogSubtitles.xml, I get nothing? Same for DisplayAfterSeek & Seeking
Or as per usual is it only available in 1 dialog, that being dialogseekbar.xml .......
Sigh ....... yes Sad

100+ xml files, and can't share infos !
Seeing the dialogseekbar will be visible anyway whenever you seek just stick it in there, unless you want it to look different in which case you can use conditions if VideoOSD and DialogSubtitles are visible.
You cant share info between dialogs or anything out of dialog, that is the problem.
I can have seekbar open and blank, but another dialog or main skin xml cant use the info in strings DisplayAfterSeek & Seeking etc.

Same as the dialog cant check strings outside it, so this stops any animation conditions etc. Just gets annoying hitting these walls.

@Hitcher thanks for reply btw Big Grin
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Krypton RC - $INFO[Player.SeekStepSize] empty when seeking00