OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
Here is my evaluation of Vero 4K's media playback performance.

Image _____________ Image
________________________________________________________*Live TV playback not tested.

Media Playback Performance:

All tests were done on 04/01 release.


Passthrough: No problem here. All audio codecs including object-based surround audio (Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X) were passed through.
PCM audio: Output is limited to 16-bit and is capped at 96 kHz. Hi-resolution 24-bit audio will be dithered to 16-bit. 176.4 and 192 kHz are down sampled to 96 kHz.


1080p: No problem with interlaced or progressive content. I have not tested live TV playback. So, can’t comment on that. Refresh rate and resolution switching (1080p to 2160p) works.
Playback seems to be fine with 720p Hi10p, but it is not smooth with 1080p.

2160p: 8-bit playback is OK except for H.264 50/60 frame rate content, but that is a limitation of the SoC. 2160p 10-bit playback is limited to 8-bit color depth just like it is on LibreELEC.

HDR: Rec.2020 color space and HDR10 metadata passthrough works only when there is no refresh rate switching (either disabled or refresh rate is set to match the frame rate manually).
Dolby Vision HDR sample clips play OK, but Dolby Vision metadata cannot be detected in the output. Similarly, HDR10 videos in VP9 profile 2.0 format can be played, but the output doesn’t seem to have HDR metadata.

3D: HSBS/HTAB playback in 1080p doesn’t trigger 3D signaling. You have to manually select the 3D mode on the TV. When output resolution is set to 2160p, HSBS/HTAB content is played only in the left half or top half of the screen.

Color Fidelity: Native 8-bit output is fine. 10-bit content is dithered to 8-bit and has huge chroma errors. From an academic stand point, this will be considered as unwatchable. This seems to be a problem with the Linux driver because LibreELEC builds also show same errors.
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