OSMC announced new Vero4k, opinions?
(2017-09-23, 08:56)Skank Wrote: 3d mvc is being worked on? Cool, might get one too then
I wonder how far they are in progress with it?

As of today, the post process manager is now working on the Vero 4K kernel, so scaling can be done in hardware not software.

Need to fix hints detection and demuxer for 3D ISOs.

Plan is to output MVC as 3D HSBS for displays that do not advertise Frame Packed output support in their EDID and Frame Packed output for those that do.

Once I make further progress, I will create a test thread on the OSMC forum.

(2017-09-25, 11:51)rchads89 Wrote: How are you all getting on with this box its reviews are fantastic, not only 5 year support of updates.

You seem to have edited your post now, but VPN is supported.
Let me know if you have any questions.

(2017-09-25, 12:33)Kapsville Wrote: Hey, whats the difference between the Xiaomi 4k and the Vero4k? Thx in advance

It's different hardware running different operating systems to start with.
There's a fantastic hardware comparison thread in this very forum category outlining the difference.

(2017-09-25, 19:31)Skank Wrote: I read that vero 4k has no power on/off switch.
Why on earth bring a device with no powerswitch
although they say it doesnt consume much

still it should have an on/off button

You'd need to get up off the sofa to use the button, in which case, you have a button in the form of the plug.

We're working on a standby support with wakeup that can be resumed from CEC/IR/USB. It requires a fair bit of work however, and it's a little lower on the list of things I'm currently working on. This also requires a bootloader update which always needs a lot of testing.

I noticed an issue where early models of the WD PiDrive can hang the boot on Vero 4K. This is rare, but caused by a halted endpoint in UBoot not returning -EINVAL in the xhci USB driver. So I will take advantage of the next bootloader update to introduce a variety of fixes for problematic peripherals.

There are a couple of video improvements I'd like to make beforehand.

(2017-09-25, 19:39)Skank Wrote: OSMC does it uses kodi's internal player or external player?
What about it when 3d mvc support comes out, will it be internal (like afedchin did for nuc's) or external?

It uses Kodi's built in VideoPlayer with AMCodec.
No external players or voodoo like VidOn.

All source code will be available on GitHub.

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