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Google Summer of Code 2017 - Welcome and Read This First
Students interested in working with Kodi, welcome! In this sub-forum feel free to ask questions, discuss projects, or propose ideas. If somehow you've stumbled here without seeing our project ideas page first, be sure to check it out: Google Summer of Code 2017

This year's mentors will be determined based upon the projects chosen. Nathan Betzen (natethomas) is our GSoC admin and Martijn and Kib are our backup admins.

You can see some past GSoC ideas and proposals at: Category:Google Summer of Code

If you decide to submit a proposal, you MUST submit it in this forum first, so that the community and potential mentors can learn about it, ask questions, discuss narrowing or broadening the proposal, etc. You must also submit it using the proposal outline format from our Ideas page.

Additionally, we'd like to know a bit about you, so when you submit, we'd like to know the answers to these questions as well.
  • Tell us about the computer(s) and devices you have available for working on your SoC project?
  • When did you first start programming?
  • Are you a user of Kodi? When did you first start using it?
  • What do you primarily use Kodi for?
  • Have you contributed to other Open Source projects? If so, which projects and can we see some of your code?
  • If you have not contributed to open source projects, do you have other code we can look at?
  • What sorts of programming projects have you done on your own time?
  • How much time do you have available, and how would you plan to use it?
  • Do you plan to have a job or study during the summer in conjunction with Summer of Code?

Links of interest:

Google Summer of Code homepage
Google Summer of Code - Wikipedia article on GSoC
Google Summer of Code 2017 Ideas - our project ideas page
While I have been toying with KODI/XBMC since its very beginnings, I only recently started to use it productively on my Android TV. So my suggestions might be dumb...

I am sure that today's students care a lot about development on mobile platforms. So wouldn't it be a good idea to also add Android topics to the list? This might be a chance to recruit Android devs.

One topic could be the management of binary add-ons which currently can't be updated/installed outside of a full Kodi install.
Sony BRAVIA KD-65XF9005 (FW V6.6520 / Android TV Oreo 8.0)
CiNcH, could be a good idea. If you could make a new thread for the idea, it'd be very handy. This post is really only for the welcome.
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