Estouchy icons and fonts too big
The icons and fonts of the main menu of Estouchy are too big for my screen. Is it possible to make them smaller?

Or can I disable icons and only get text to fit more items on screen?

Or is there another skin with smaller menu items and volume control for the music player that I could use?
I just realized that for many menus there is button at the bottom right to toggle the view between 3 different options including a list view.
This solves my problem.
> to toggle the view between 3 different options including a list view.

I have the same problem as fkbreitl, but his solution doesn't work for me. On my screen, the default icon mode of Estouchy can display up to 21 files at once on the screen.
If I press the menu button, I get a list view, but that only shows up to 10 files at once, clearly not an improvement. fkbreitl suggested this button gave him 3 different options, but I only see those two options. With a skinnier icon, it would be easy to double the number of files I can see at once (to 42) or probably even better would be to dispense with the icon altogether.

Perhaps it was only an older version of Estouchy that offerred 3 different views.
Has anyone found a way to modify Estouchy (or Estuary) so that more files can be viewed at once on the screen?


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Estouchy icons and fonts too big0
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