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mythtv 0.28 + kodi 17 + nexus player = *&#^$
at this point I have had to give up running the latest kodi on nexus player

I am using:
mythtv 0.28
several nexus players with android 7.1.2(?)

and the latest versions of kodi have caused nothing but problems where mythv is concerned

v 17, the pvr manager would never finish loading
v 17.1 pvr manager loads but playback is choppy/stutters constantly

I have spent several evenings playing around with kodi settings in many different combinations to fix the playback problems, the best I can get is smooth playback where everything is shifted to the right leaving a black vertical line on the left side, cutting off the right side of the picture on everything I watch

in order to get rid of the black line I have to disable hardware acceleration, in which case everything but mythtv plays back properly (both recordings & live tv are problematic), if i enable hardware acceleration everything including mythtv plays smoothly, but there is black line and part of the picture is missing

this could be an android problem as it was happening on my phone has well

for now I have reverted most installations in the house back to v16.1 to get the mythtv playback running again, but I have left one running the 17.1 version in case anyone is brave enough to help out, I can post log files if needed

unfortunately the latest kodi seems to make more problems for me than it fixes

mythtv 0.28 + kodi 17 + nexus player = *&#^$00