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Kodi Does not update Nextpvr Channel Logos

It seems that Kodi (17.1, 16.1, on Android, on Windows) does not change channel logos coming from Nextpvr back-end 3.9.2 even when Do Not Cache EPG in Database is selected and EPG and channel data are manually cleared.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Setup NextPVR lastest version
2. Setup channel images in NextPVR
3.Setup Kodi 16.1 or 17.1 on either Android or Windows (Kodi A)
4. Setup Kodi 16.1 or 17.1 on either Android or Windows (Kodi B)
5. Setup NExtPVR Addon in Kodi A and enable
6. Check Channel images on Live TV section in Kodi A
7. Change Image of a channel in NextPVR back-end
8. Stop and Start Service of NextPVR Back-end
9. Open Kodi A
10. in Kodi A in EPG Section set Do Not Cache in Database
11 in Kodi A, in EPG clear Data
12. Exit and Reload Kodi A
13. In Kodi A Under LiveTV once More Clear Data
14. In Kodi A go to Live TV, you will see still the old logo
15. Exit Kodi A
16. Load Kodi B
17. Setup NextPVR Addon and enable in Kodi B
18. Go to Live TV in Kodi B, you will notice there new logo is shown

This must be a bug in both Kodi 16.1 and 17,1 where the EPG caching options do not affect Channel Logos
Can anyone confirm and open bug as appropriate or provide workaround/resolution?
If this must also be moved to other section, by all means please do if more appropriate.

Thanks and regards
Found a workaround:

Copy the image to the client in the local filesystem and from within the channel manager change the icon to the one locally present.

But this needs to be fixed, a bug should be opened.
Also an enhancement request could be filed against the channel manager to add one more option: refetch from server.

Anybody who could open this bug and enhancement request (as I am not sure how to do it)?
I'm experiencing the same issue with tvheadend.

Updated the logos in tvheadend with higher res logos. But kodi won't update the cache. Anyway to force that?


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