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Hello all,

I'm a quasi-noob with Kodi. I've used it for quite a while but I've never had the time to dig deeper and really learn about all the great features and customizations. I usually do pretty well finding the info I need but I"m at a loss right now.

I've just installed Pellucid and want to give it a try. I've changed my colors and arranged the menus to my liking. However, I'm unable to do anything else. There is no response to mouse clicks. I can bring up menus with the Enter key and am able to navigate using directional keys. But as soon as I touch my mouse it goes right back to the home display with the date and time.

My library is displayed since I had that set up before I changed skins. It still shows the same incorrect movie titles as before. (I realize that's a limitation of the scraper, not Kodi directly, or the skin)

I'm also not sure how to "Set home background directory". I have 5 different partitions/drives containing different things. Should this point to OS/System Files or something else?

Right now I simply want to be able to use my mouse as I always have in Kodi. I'm in the process of designing and building my new HTPC but it's gonna be a while before it's completed. I'm building in stages beginning with a NAS, as my current file system is, well, elementary at best. I want to avoid making any changes to my current system until I get the NAS in place and files transferred and rearranged into a logical file structure.

Any help is greatly appreciated even if it's a link to some info I haven't been able to find yet.
Hi kat1370,

Sorry - like many skins, Pellucid is designed to be used with a remote and will not perform well (if indeed at all) using a mouse.

"Set home background directory" relates to the slideshow of images on the homescreen. This option allows you to change them to your taste if you wish. Just fill a directory with images you like and point the setting there.
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