Request -  [REQUEST] A new AudioEngine sink for AAudio API for Pro Audio
AAudio is a new Android C API introduced in the Android O preview release. It is designed for high-performance audio applications that require low latency. Apps communicate with AAudio by reading and writing data to streams.

Assume that Kodi needs a new AudioEngine sink to utilize this on Android 8.0 "O" (Oreo?)?

Why? Well first you have the new gaming features inside Kodi with RetroPlayer which could use a low-latency API for audio.

Another example to get high fidelity audio output when not bitstreaming, like when using Audio DSP addons. As DSP adds latency. Using a low-latency API could compensate for that.


As well as Audio_DSP (wiki)

And all other threads in the Audio DSP forum

AchimTuran vision is for Kodi to get native high fidelity audio output without bitstreaming.
For reference, the same discussion for SPMC: Wink

Obviously, same question: What's the point of a low-latency, PCM-only new sink for a media player...
Note that it's nothing revolutionary, either. OpenSL ES in Android is already supported since a long time ( and is at least a standard.
Not every audio algorithm introduces delay.

Is audio delay currently an issue from RetroPlayer? To be honest never really used it. I guess if we would have a delay we should try to fix this first with some adaptions to AE and RetroPlayer. A ~0 delay sink wouldn't help if we have a huge delay in an other stage.
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[REQUEST] A new AudioEngine sink for AAudio API for Pro Audio00