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kawkaw Offline
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Hello Devs,

The video below does not play in Kodi 17.3, but plays fine in VLC!

It looks like Kodi does not like an http: (httpSemi-column) inside a url and ends up removing the semi-column and fails to play the video, while VLC manages this just fine. Even if I use VLC instead of the default player, it look the Kodi removes the semi-column THEN passes it to the player, in which case even VLC fails to play the vid!


I'd appreciate if someone could take a look at it and advise of a workaround or a patch, if there is one.

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wsnipex Offline
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thats not a valid URL.
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Memphiz Offline
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This url gets a WTF award from me

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ironic_monkey Offline
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the *url* is broken. if you are to embed another url in an url you have to urlencode it first. VLC is buggy if it parses that url, cause it is out of spec.
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Rechi Offline
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VLC just throws away the first part of the url and plays
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kawkaw Offline
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Thanks Guys!
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