Alexa Video Skill API
So I saw that Amazon has released a new video skill API.

Now it's beyond my capabilities, but does this mean there's a chance that we will have proper Kodi support from Alexa now, or is this only suited to online streaming services?
There is already an alexa skill for kodi.
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Yeah, aware of that one, though I was under the impression it was abandoned and the recent comments seem to be that it's no longer working.

Also, from what I read, the new API works like the Smart Home API meaning no need to invoke the skill in every command. Designed for the very thing Kodi provides.
(2017-06-09, 04:52)nickr Wrote: There is already an alexa skill for kodi.
What he means is that Amazon have just extended their API to enable additional "Alexa Skills" that applications can use, specicially they have now announced a new "Video Skill API" which will allow developers to expand how Alexa lets users find video content in their apps.

"With this tool, entertainment apps could let their customers find specific shows or movies, search genres or even change the channel with voice commands. As long as you have an Amazon Echo or other Alexa device, video apps taking advantage of the new function will be navigable by voice."

This means that Alexa Skills for Kodi would need to be extended before it could make use of this new "Video Skill API".
I'm looking into it. It will be possible to just say 'Alexa, play Game of Thrones', without the need to use the skill name.
I've started to write a skill, but I'm stuck in the early phases - I've followed a tutorial they published, but it's not working. My skill is enabled in the Alexa app, and there is a 'Manage in TV & Video' button next to it, but there is no section 'TV & Video' :-) And when I press the button, the next screen it takes me to is blank. The result is the same in the web app - I think they need to update the android app and the web app to support it first. It's possible that they are already updated but I'm only getting the old version - I'm using Alexa 'unofficialy' in the Czech republic.. Even though I tried to download the newest android app (I've got 2.0.1114.0) and I'm using VPN to look like I'm from US.
Thank you for your work.

Practical point: if you have more than one kodi instance will you be able to say "alexa play game of thrones in the bedroom"?
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With my limited knowledge I think it will work similar to how music is played - you will have 'providers' (like Spotify or amazon music), and if you don't say which one to use, a default will be used. If there are 2 instances of kodi though, I think it will be the responsibility of the skill developer to come up with how to handle it - but I don't think that you will be able to include your choice in the voice command. The skill could decide based on which kodi instance was used last, or something similar.
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@bamzero the kodi alexa skill is very much alive, there are two and but only one of them was abandoned is the working and actively maintained version


the skill above allows you link device ids to separate kodi installs allowing you to say "ask kodi to play the movie blahblah" to a Dot in the bedroom and it will play it the tv in the bedroom, whilst saying the same thing in the living room will play it to the tv in the living room
I've implemented the new Alexa Video Skill API,
and with that, I've also chosen a different architecture, which is at the end a lot easier for end users to install, and start using
You can check it out here:
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