Mod -  Initialize Window method not responding

I'm new to Kodi so please don't judge me too hard Big Grin
I'm trying to make custom Favourites for kodi, so I need to make few Windows and Dialogs.
So I created Custom_[window_name].xml file, created C++ class in xmbc/dialogs directory , add it to make files and CMakefiles.
Then add the C++ class to GUIWindowManager with Add method. Also assigned key for the Custom_windowname.xml files ID (1195).

When I start Kodi and press the key the window appears as it should, and the window manager initialize the class.

The problem is that the C++ class don't activate OnInitWindow method when I press the key for window activation. It does not show any Log messages from my class OnInitWindow method.

P.S. I have inherited CGUIDIALOG and passed window ID and the file name of XML file to the constructor.

Where is the problem I cannot understand why it doesn't call the method on window Initialization?
I don't understand why you're touching core to just add a custom window?
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