Regional language for a secondary user (not master)
I am using Kodi 17.3. For a master user I installed KODI with a proper buid for children. The language I am using for interface is Hebrew.
I have defined an additional user, for which I intend to include contents for adults only.
The problem is that I do not see within the secondary user account in Settings,Interface, Regional - the Hebrew language.
Sometimes I see only English language in the list and sometimes I see a list of languages, - but Hebrew does not appear in the list.
I would expect to have the same list of languages as it is for the master user.
When I have created the secondary user I selected to build the user parameters from scratch,
The same problem appears for KODI 17.3 on Windows 7 and Android 6.
while at the other profile (non-master profile) go to addons->my add-ons->Look and Feel->Languages

There should the available languages being listed, but those are "disabled". Once you enabled the additional language for that profile you are easily able to change that and have a different language for each profile.
Davu, thanks for the respond. I have followed your instructions, but I do not see the full language list in addons->my add-ons->Look and Feel->Languages. This is the same for master & secondary user profile.
I do see the big language list for the master user profile only in Settings-->Interface-->Regianal--> language.
Could you make a screenshot while at the user profile and looking at the installed language addons, please?
I have defined the master profile language at regiaonal as Russian.
I have created an additional profile user.
From the additional (non master) profile user I see in Addon-->My addon-->Look and feel -->Languages:

From the additional (non master) profile user I see in system-->Interface Settings-->Regional-->Language:
The russian language is disabled for the moment. Hence the "x" next to it. Enable it
Thanks for the respond.
Why can't I see other additional languages when I am in the non-master user?
For example, I want to set the non-master user now to Hebrew. I just can not do it!
Where is the full list of languages (when in non-master user)?
My understanding that when you go to non-master user (profile) - the Kodi just forgets or skips the ablity to set other languages.
The strange thing is, the way you expect it to work, is the exact way it works for me.

Which OS are you using?
I am using Windows 7 and Android 6. The same behaviour is on both OS platforms.
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