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Nintendo & BREIN Target Seller of ‘Pirate’ Retro Gaming System
Kodi developers please have a read:

Does this mean your highly supported community addon "Internet archive rom launcher" will now become a banned addon?
Won't it be such a shame if Internet archive rom launcher becomes a banned addon? Sad . Since after all the work developing Kodi around this particular addon.
"A man who sold "

Literally the first 4 words of that article explains the difference. This is so stupid that this is being discussed again. Where does internet archive rom launcher get it's roms? Until that site is deemed illegal or stripped of roms, there isn't anything wrong.
Making money or facilitating, doesn't make a difference ! Piracy is piracy.
Lets say that person in the article was selling these "consoles" based on nothing but Kodi and Internet archive rom launcher. Who will BREIN go after. The seller or Kodi ? Or both. hmmmmm.............. Lets just wait and see huh?
Your opinion doesn't matter, legality does. Again, until is deemed illegal or stripped of roms, nothing wrong.
(2017-06-30, 18:31)Fail$tyle420 Wrote: Your opinion doesn't matter, legality does. Again, until is deemed illegal or stripped of roms, nothing wrong.

Ha ha ha, okay. You're correct as always. As I said, let's just wait and see what the future brings.....
@Fail$tyle420 Sorry if I'm not upto date with this stuff, but I see they even host piracy movies apps such as Showbox, cartoon hd - Along with a massive list of cracked paid apps, and other pirate software?

Ok this here's a semi off topic Q for you.... If I download the showbox app directly from, and watch movies for free, would that make me a law abiding citizen since "nothing is wrong" with archive.orgs content? or a pirate?

Heck, you can even download "Kodi builds" on I totally assume it's okay to download and use?
I think you are splitting hairs....

Where are the movies hosted?
I'm certainly not. I'm just looking for answers on what's legal to use that's all. After all, I don't want to break any laws by potentially using games etc that I do not own
Once again so where are the movies hosted?

Doesn't it ring a bell with a certain software and "addons" that the XBMC Foundation stays neutral to?
You have lost me......

Let me explain. Failstyle420 and all the other "fulltime" kodi forum users, mods, team etc clearly thinks everything on is 100% legit, therefor fully supports the idea of streaming roms from there. My argument is: clearly a lot of content on is NOT legit or legal since they host pirate android apps and Windows software which would normally be paid for. You would normally have to pay for video games, just look on eBay for old school games, yes they are still selling well.
Anyway, I just wanted Kodi to be aware with what's happening with Nintendo again. Let's hope Kodi isn't next ayyy! I'm now off to download some stuff off - thanks FAIR$STYLE
.............well that was fun, I've just played loads of video games which I don't even legally own using Kodi, and I didn't even need to use a banned 3rd party repo - all endorsed by Kodi. Great work guys - thanks a bunch !
The reason that Nintendo's interest has been peaked here is because of the rise in sales opportunities from retro devices for older gaming and the damage that this will do to profits.

However, regardless of whether profits are at risk, the subject of rights infringement is not solely based upon this.

To say that a site does nothing wrong until deemed illegal and stripped of it's content is naive.

Organisations such as BREIN, FACT and those that they represent have, to date, been unable to find opportunity to place the XBMC foundation in the dock, so to speak. lists a vast array of Nintendo games.

If the access of just one of these games can be shown to infringe copyright, then you immediately give potential opportunity to these organisations to gain a legal foothold into showing that Kodi itself is a constituent element in the distribution of illegal content.

It is of course up to them to show this is the case but with so many games being on offer, I think that it would be wise to at least review the situation carefully.

They and the media would have a field day if they can point fingers at Kodi and in doing so, influence the political powers to do what they would like best of all, to outlaw Kodi.
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