Reading from Linux (dual booted on WindowsPC) network
So, I have been working on a Windows 10 64 bit PC with an Nvidia Shield connected to my network and Kodi 17.3 loaded on the Shield. I am moving away from Windows (cant take the spying any more) and am experimenting with Linux. On my W10 PC I have booted into Linux, specifically Linuxmint 18.2 Cinnamon 64 bit and I fired up the Nvidia Shield/kodi to watch some content. But its not working.

I suppose this is a Linux thing, and because I am so new to it I am kinda lost. Why would Kodi not play on the same network, accessing the same drives as always just because the OS is Linux and not Windows? The same content is on the drives.

Anybody know what Im doing wrong?

And thanks in advance for the patience, Im not exactly tech...but trying!
Network shares don't magically appear all by themselves.
see File_sharing (wiki) for howtos.
Samba would be the equivalent to how windows shares network drives, while NFS is the linux/unix equivalent. Both can be used as client from the shield, with NFS being a tad more performant.
Well, duh. Thanks I'll work on it
Linux does not auto-share files/folders via SMB/Samba, you will need to set up the sharing part.
Personally I prefer to use Kodi with NFS via my Ubuntu machines, it has worked fine for years for me, reliably and fast.

EDIT: Hmpf, I see I'm a bit slow tonight Smile
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So help a dummy out, what would that address look like? something like this? Im having trouble figuring what the correct address is
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