Trouble with updating addons in Kodipup
I have had problems in getting kodi addons to update in Kodipup. (puppy linux)

Had to use a very ugly hack to get addon updating to work.

What I did is created this in the script ".xinitrc"

Quote:mv /root/.kodi /root/kodi
mkdir /root/.kodi
cp -R /root/kodi/* /root/.kodi/
rm -R /root/kodi/

It renames .kodi directory to kodi
Creates directory .kodi
Copies everything from kodi to .kodi directory
And deletes the kodi directory.

Could someone tell me why this works?

I have found out, that folder and file ownership has nothing to do, with the reason, why it works.

I suspect, that it might be file attributes.

But lsattr & chattr doesn't work in Kodipup (puppy linux).

I am looking for a more eloquent way to fix this problem.
Debug Log and ls -lda /root/.kodi before and after your "fix"
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Trouble with updating addons in Kodipup00