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Win The Movie Database/ TMDB Server Issue
Greetings Fellow Techies,

Re: Movie Database/ Can't Connect to Remote Server

Originally, I was running Kodi 17.3 and when trying to obtain the fanart, and information for my movies via the Movie Database/ TMDB scrapper, I received a dialog box indicating that the Remote Server is unable to connect. I have has this problem once before, but was only temporary. This time, it continues. So I decided to install another scrapper that was available. I attempted to use the Universal Scrapper. The fanart was non-existant, and the synopsis was in a different language.

I discovered that there was a newer version of Kodi, 17.4 available. So I uninstalled 17.3, retaining all my settings, and installed 17.4. This did not make one bit of difference in dealing with my issue.

The question is, has Team Kodi discontinued "The Movie Database/ TMDB permanentlyHuh??

FYI: Internet Connect (Constant), Speed (100Mbps)

I would appreciate any input if possible.


Hello @the_inspector_069

Uninstalling then re-installing is not needed. You can install newer versions over the top.

If you want to check if the TMDB is shut down, just visit their website. No need to ask here. I trust you know where they are and how to find them

As for your scraping problem, can you first check you have the current scrapers installed. Although having just installed v17.4, they should be current...

TMDB 3.9.5
TMDB tvshows 1.3.6
TMDB common library 2.16.0 (found in settings>system settings>add-ons>dependencies.)

TVDB 1.8.5

fanart.tv scraper library 3.1.5

IMDB scraper library 2.8.8

If they are all current, then you will need to provide a debug log. The instructions are in my signature. Use the Basic method. Once you have enabled debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging, restart Kodi then replicate the problem. In your case, perform an update library. Once done upload to pastebin and link back here.
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Hi there.
My first post here so go easy lol.
I'm running 17.6 on Android box. I connect to internet via a Huawei 4g router. When I run out of data then top up I get the same "unable to connect to remote server " but only with the movie database.

So far the only solution is to clear Kodi data ad cache starting over otherwise it just won't connect again.

Is there any way around this?

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