Kodi crashing on 4k video HEVC (64 bit windows)
I'm trying to play some new 4k content but Kodi keeps crashing. Any ideas whats going on?

Tested with latest nightly on local media file which is 25gb big.

File plays fine in VLC on my desktop but totally throws me out of kodi as soon as I play it.

Video Details
Video     : x265 3840x1600 @ 21.8 Mb/s (CRF 17)
Audio     : English Dolby Atmos 7.1 @ 5712 kb/s
          : English Dolby Digital 5.1 @ 640 kb/s
          : Commentary AAC LC 2.0 @ 111 kb/s

Debug Log
https://paste.ubuntu.com/26221120/ *fixed

Crash dump

You've made a rookie error, debug logging wasn't enabled for that log Smile

Fixed debug log. Still not sure what's going on.

You're playing a 10-bit hevc (Main10) video, however your internal (Broadwell) GPU is not equipped to hw accelerate that type of video. Thus, everything comes down to the CPU on decoding the highly compressed video. Although Kodi shouldn't crash, large hiccups can be expected.
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I also thought Broadwell didn't do HEVC Main 10 however Line 1124 says
13:11:30.389 T:2564   DEBUG: DXVA: supports 'HEVC / H.265 variable-length decoder, main10

Which suggest it does some form of DXVA for HEVC Main 10, can you run DXVA Checker and see what that says? it could be that this is a hybrid mode so not full HEVC Main 10 hardware decode.
Yep nice find!

Thanks, just tested it on my 7th gen NUC downstairs and it indeed does play fine, albeit on openelec.

Also tested on the Nvidia shield and its running very close to 100% cpu in some scenes but no problems that I can see on the sample at least.
Here is the DXVA checker results on my slower 6th gen NUC

Try with Render Method set to Software.
(2017-12-20, 22:00)jjd-uk Wrote: Try with Render Method set to Software.
 Yep works fine on 6th gen NUC! No hard crash and about 65% cpu usage.
If you still have Allow Hardware Acceleration setting enabled then the decoding part will should still be handled by the GPU, perhaps post a debug log of it working with software rendering, preferably using same movie as in previous log, and we'll see if afedchin comes along to explain what might be happening.
Cool, here is the working log without hardware decoding.


Trac ticket
looks like you are faced with driver issue see https://communities.intel.com/thread/116...5&tstart=0 which uses a mixed sw/hw HEVC decoding on 6th gen GPUs.

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Kodi crashing on 4k video HEVC (64 bit windows)0
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