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Hi. I am trying to set up some RSS feeds as music/audio sources.  So far, a few have worked and a few haven't. 

*I replaced "http(s)" with "rss" in all of these addresses


Didn't work:
This one looked like it worked.  It successfully added as a source and showed some picture art and 4 episodes to choose from.  But when you try to select one, it doesn't load.

So which feeds can be added?  And is there a way to make feeds like ADEM work in Kodi?  Or do the providers need to offer them in a different format for it to work on Kodi?


I am using Kodi 17.6.
Didn't even know this was possible!

Maybe someone could update the wiki with a guide for RSS?
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(2017-12-28, 12:36)docwra Wrote: Didn't even know this was possible!

Maybe someone could update the wiki with a guide for RSS?
 Yeah I just found out about it myself.  I thought it was a pretty cool feature.  I was trying to figure out the best way to use my audio system to listen to some podcasts that typically launch in a player in the browser.  

Here's what the wiki has so far for RSS media sources:
Here's another feed that I would like to have in Kodi.  I can get it to work in Feeder ( but the media won't start playing with Kodi.

When I add the source with "rss" in place of "https" then it will show a list of episodes.  But when I select one of the episodes, Kodi does not respond.
Hey everyone.  I am trying again to make this work...

One difference that I have noticed is that the sources where this works properly have files that are .mp3.  The one where I can't get it to work uses AAC files.  I have tried downloading some of the AAC files onto my machine and those play properly.  But when I try to stream the same file, it doesn't work.  I saved some logs for various conditions: 
successful AAC playback of a file stored on my machine

successful stream of an MP3 podcast

unsuccessful stream of an AAC podcast


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