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Release Black Glass Nova 7.x for Kodi 18.x Leia
Black Glass Nova 7.x - Leia

Here is the home page of the skin on GitHub:


If you like this skin and you want to help a little bit, you can donate here:

Hello @Tgxcorporation  - thanks again for all your efforts 

I just loaded the 64 bit Windows version of Leia to test it out (installing over my 17.6 version) 
Skin seems to all work well - one thing I notice however - when playing video, when you access the hidden menu at the top, there are now white horizontal lines under each row of icons, extending all the way across the screen and the whole space for each line looks like a slightly opaque bar, rather than just the icons themselves being superimposed 
Was that intentional? (don't care for it personally) They only show when the hidden menu is exposed, but they just seem unnecessary distraction 
(I see it is also there for the single row of icons in the main menu ) 

Just some installation observations (no show-stoppers) 
When installing from Zip file (from Github) it did not automatically switch, or ask to switch to the new skin - had to go to the Interface Screen and actually select it. 
It did not pick up my old settings; I then used a skin-back-up (from Kodi 17) and it populated much of it, but not all - still had to manually re-configure some of these (for example the main menu icons, backgrounds, sub-menu custom links
Again, not a big deal as they were all easily added/amended.
Yes the lines are part of the new osd design.

With Leia and even with Krypton could happen that a new skin is not automatically loaded. Don't know why... it happens with every skin.
Regarding the home menu, I changed some settings and the old skin settings are not 100% compatible with the new ones.


(2018-01-18, 12:12)Tgxcorporation Wrote: Yes the lines are part of the new osd design.
 Thanks for your replies - yes the other things were not really any inconvenience, just wanted to report the observations and maybe to alert others as they go through the upgrade. 

I have to be candid and say I'm really not liking that new feature - can you possibly guide me on what/how I can change something to incorporate the older BGN6.x format for the hidden menus? 
(Note that I respect your right to make it look how YOU like) 
I've been HUGE fan of your BGN skin throughout many generations now and this is the first thing I'm honestly just not fond of.
If you want to get rid of those lines, you just have to edit the file "VideoOSD.xml" in the "1080i" folder and remove the lines from 298 to 311 included:


That is fantastic - thank you for accommodating - worked perfectly! 
Where to edit for the 'general' top menu OSD please?
What do you mean for "'general' top menu OSD"?
The one on the home screen - just single row of icons - it's also on all the other non-player screens 
That one is not such major distraction vs the video menu but if the process is similar, thought would revert that one too.
(I did see other OSD files, like music and game but I don't use these however expect process also same for those)
But just not sure which file to find for the home screen   

Honestly, neither of these is major negative, I'm just used to the older one I guess and since you have graciously provided the capability to change it per your post above, it's just a personal preference thing. 
The fact that you have made this so customizable has spoiled me! Smile 
I can't say enough about your support, which is always amazing!
Common Topbar - remove lines from 264 to 279 in "Includes.xml":


Music OSD - remove lines from 434 to 447 in "MusicOSD.xml":


Game OSD - remove lines from 219 to 232 in "GamesOSD.xml":

You Sir, are a star!  Nod
Is there away of removing the frames on the home page icon? I've created my own set of icons imwith there own frame but when I use them they now have two frames around them.
Hello..I an new to the forum and have just installed v18 Leia and then tried to install the black glass nova skin but i keep getting failed dependency errors.
Can you suggest what I can do to rectify please? I note that some devs put the dependencies in with the zip file.
I am running on windows 7 64bit
thanks in advance
The list of required addons is shown in the addon.xml file from line number 3:


and here are the addons available for Leia:


Manually install the missing required addons.

Hello, I have been using Black Glass Nova for quite a while now with SPMC; however with Koying moving on from SPMC I decided to check out Kodi Leia and was able to install the Black Glass Nova version for it and set it up like I did in SPMC.  There is one problem I have discovered...when watching 4K HDR content the TV will not switch into HDR mode.  When I switch back to the Estuary skin it switches no problem and BGN switches no problem in SPMC so perhaps there is some tweak needed in the Leia version?  I am not a programmer but just wanted to let you know.

Because the skin Titan does not get any official update for Kodi 18 (so far) I am going to test your skin.
Looks really nice and it's easy to use.

I've just found two minor points.
 1/ I really miss the mute icon. The only screen where I can see it is the home screen in the right top corner. Would it be possible to implement a global mute icon?
 2/ It seems that there is an issue with the progress bar / OSD. Somtimes I can't see any infos about the fast forward / backward speed or time jumps in video files.
     After pressing the info-button the OSD shows up. After that it normally works (not always). It mostly happens during time shifting of live tv or during watching of recordings.
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