Stalker Client unable to load guide
On my IPTV I am able to see the channels however the guide is not loading. When I first turn Kodi on it shoows on the upper right side that PVE manager is getting channels from client and then goes to 100%. Shows it is getting guide however then get error message that Stalker Cient is unable to load guide.I have tried uninstallin g and then reinstalling Kodi. I have tried using PVR IPTV Simple Client, PVR WMC Client and Stalker client. I have uninstalled and installed Stalker Client to no avail. Tried disabling, force closing, then enabling Stalker Client. Please, please will someone help me while I still have a few hairs left on my head.
Thread moved to the stalker middleware section as it had nothing to do with hdhomerun
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could be that they are having issues on their server end, or maybe try changing the EPG to only download 1 day & see if that works.
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