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Release IPTV Recorder
(2019-06-14, 20:05)jhr1948 Wrote: Primaeval
thanks so much, just got into the world of IPTV this week and found this.  I have everything working fine, just had a question.  I'm using Aura skin on my FireTV boxes and FireTV sticks (because Aura runs very light yet you can customize).  I wanted to add the lines to edit the DialogPVRInfo.xml and noticed that the aura skin doesn't have an XML folder.  I did find the DialogPvr file in /Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/skin.aura/1080i folder.  I tried adding the modified lines but it wasn't changed.  Any suggestions?  fyi, none are rooted if that helps

i'm on windows, but same question. i've been looking at the code for the last hour and i can't understand what to do in aura. 1080i is the right folder, but we need some help with the code. pasting the one for estuary just won't work, aura's code is different.
Hello !

When I try to record a channel trought IPTV Recorder 0.0.131, everything is ok except that I've got this message "Add-on error" witch ask me to check the log :

nosulenida.kodi (paste)

Of course, I wait the end of the EPG updates in IPTV Recorder before programming a record.
[i]I installed PVR IPTV Simple Client nightik v 3.8.6 and the skin is "Estuary (IPTV Recorder)".[/i]

File name source : ffmpeg - prebuilt-binaries.zip I renamed  "ffmeg.zip" in "My download" directory (android tv box)
I'm not sure ffmepg is correctly installed : I can only see "ffmpeg.py" and "ffmpeg.pyo" located in org.xmbc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.module.youtube.dl/lib/youtube_dl/postprocessor/(the 2 files)

Uninstalled : primaeval's beta dev repository v 0.0.2.

I will appreciate your help.
(2019-10-13, 16:45)conFigureThat Wrote: Hi there

When I try to record a program trought the TV program grid, I have this message "IPTV Recorder > Error parsing dates".

Kodi : v18

PVR IPTV Simple Client : 3.8.4 by nightik.
- Local m3u file (not on the internet, on the Android TV Box).

IPTV Recorder : v 0.0.131 by Primaeval  Smile , Chychy

A/ Display :
- Show create Estuary (IPTV  Recorder skin) : activated

B/ Job and Rules : 
- pipe ffmpeg output ... : activated
- ffmpeg : ffmpeg-4.2.1.tar.bz2 (do I realy need it ?)

C/ Data : 
- External xmltv 1 : IPTV Simple Client
- External m3u 1 : IPTV Simple Client

Regional : 
- Regional default format : France
- Short date format : Régional (13/10/2019)
- Long date format : Régional (Dimanche 13 octobre 2019)
- Time format : Régional (H:mmConfuseds)
- Use 12/24 hour format : 24 hours

Thank you for your help
I think I found the solution : 
Kodi Settings > Interface > Region. Replace "Regional" (H:mmConfuseds) by HH:mmConfuseds.
Does anyone use this plugin and actually use the "Windows Scheduler" option with any success? I have seen that Primeval has said that he doesn't know if that works or not in previous replies to this thread. Would like to get some confirmation so that I can rule out the recorder or my PC.

@primaeval I saw on your Git that there was issues when the URLs are in the plugin:// format. Is that still an issue? The PSVue addon saves the m3u with plugin:// URLs since Kodiv18 to eliminate the need for a localhost server. IPTV recorder is creating the json file and .ts file but its not recording any data so the video file is empty.
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