Release British Film Institute Player
British Film Institute Player

This add-on enables playing of videos and movies from the BFI Player website.
  • Shows generic collections "new" and "popular"
  • Shows collections such as; Thriller, Family Films, Unavailable on DVD and Public Information Films
  • Allows searching the archive and saved searches
  • Caches recently viewed files for fast replay



This add-on is not created, maintained or in any way affiliated with the British Film Institute.
It only provides an interface to access the free content on the British Film Institute Player website from Kodi.

Screen Shots



v1.2.0 (Leia)
  •   Updated to use script.module.cache
  •   Fixes duration when parsing collection items
  •   Added all genres when parsing collection items
  •   Added "clear searches" to settings
  •   Added "Save recently viewed" option to settings
  •   Added additional short videos to "The Cut" selection
  •   Added "Kermode Introduces" menu and videos
  •   Amends recently viewed to show; image, description, etc

v1.1.0 (Krypton)
  Python 3 compatible
  Removed hardcoded special urls

v1.0.3 (Krypton)
 Fixes relative image URLs

v1.0.2 (Krypton)
 Scraper update to reflect changes on bfi website

v1.0.1 (Krypton)
 Small bug fix

v1.0.0 (Krypton)
 Initial version
This looks good. Thanks for taking the time to create.
OSMC Vero 4K, Intel NUC Celeron 847, ODroid N2+, Raspberry Pi3 LibreELEC. Amazon Fire TV
Vizio  Atmos 7.1
Updated to 1.0.2 - for Leia and later

Plan to leave the Krypton version at 1.1.0

See first post for list of changes.
it is great player, I will try to use, thanks for share
I had this working, but come to try it now and it is no longer.  version 1.2.0

Tried to play such as "Carancho"

The appropriate log snippet for just this operation

2020-08-01 17:50:15.022 T:139827712215168   ERROR: Control 55 in window 10025 has been asked to focus, but it can't
2020-08-01 17:50:15.788 T:139826023687936 WARNING: CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(plugin) in plugin://
2020-08-01 17:50:15.788 T:139826023687936   ERROR: InputStream: Error opening, plugin://
2020-08-01 17:50:21.776 T:139827712215168  NOTICE: VideoPlayer::OpenFile: plugin://
2020-08-01 17:50:21.956 T:139827712215168   ERROR: CCurlFile::Stat - Failed: HTTP response code said error(22) for
2020-08-01 17:50:21.962 T:139826154485504  NOTICE: Creating InputStream
2020-08-01 17:50:22.041 T:139826154485504   ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 404 for
2020-08-01 17:50:22.041 T:139826154485504  NOTICE: Creating Demuxer
2020-08-01 17:50:22.101 T:139826154485504   ERROR: OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer
2020-08-01 17:50:22.101 T:139826154485504  NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::OnExit()
2020-08-01 17:50:22.117 T:139827712215168  NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::CloseFile()
2020-08-01 17:50:22.125 T:139827712215168  NOTICE: VideoPlayer: waiting for threads to exit
2020-08-01 17:50:22.125 T:139827712215168  NOTICE: VideoPlayer: finished waiting

Any thoughts?
(2020-08-01, 18:53)persistability Wrote: Any thoughts?

Yes, two for starters.
- Please do not post your log file directly into the forum, but use a pastebin service website.
- Always provide the full debug-enabled log file, not just the part(s) that you find interesting.
Got a Kodi problem? Provide a full Debug log (wiki) | Usefull pages: First time user (wiki) | Troubleshooting (wiki) | Free content (wiki) | Forum rules (wiki) | VPN policy (wiki)
Pastebin log
@persistability - you have two banned addon (wiki) repos installed on your device. Whilst they are installed, we can offer no support for it here. See our piracy policy (wiki) for details.

The forum moderators have determined that banned addons (wiki) are present on your system. To receive assistance here, these banned items must be removed. If a clean log is not submitted within 3 days, then the relevant post(s) will be removed after this time.
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Kodi Blog Posts
Care to be specific? You mean I have these?
repository.noobsandnerds v2.3.5
repository.zomboided.plugins v1.0.0

or that I have some addons from them? If so, which ? Would be nice to have a simple way (in the log) of seeing what is "banned" rather than having to spend time guessing. Thx

2020-08-02 17:34:08.204 T:140606567803008  NOTICE: ADDON: repository.kodil v1.3 installed
2020-08-02 17:34:08.204 T:140606567803008  NOTICE: ADDON: repository.noobsandnerds v2.3.5 installed

If you post your logs to our paste site ( then all the banned addons (wiki) and repos are highlighted in orange in the relevant log section. There aren't any addons themselves in your log that are banned, but our policy is that any repo that contains a banned addon (wiki) is also banned, and those two above fit that category.

Whilst we don't support VPNs here as per our VPN policy (wiki), they aren't explicitly banned here as we know LE does support them on their site. So Zomboided's repo is fine.
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Kodi Blog Posts
Thx for the info.

A Kodi log / config without those repos is at this link.
Hopefully that is more suitable. Still get the same issue
Fraserc can you have a look at the addon,  menus are coming up and listing videos ok but videos won't play
(2020-10-11, 19:03)barney63 Wrote: Fraserc can you have a look at the addon,  menus are coming up and listing videos ok but videos won't play

See issue raised in August

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