Debian/aarch64 (armel) / Failed to load libmediainfo

Just bought a Vero 4k (i.e Debian stretch aarch64) and trying to run TinyMediaManager in a docker environment.

Docker is installed, and I setup an minimalist LXDE container that I am accessing remotely via VNC. This works just fine.

I installed openjdk-8 and libmediainfo/libzen from Debian repos. FYI mediainfo cli runs OK.

When launching TinyMediaManager 2.9.12, I get "Failed to load libmediainfo".

lib files are located in /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnuearbi.
while investigating, I came accross old posts and I tried copying lib files in native/linux-arm, native/linux-armel...  nothing works.

There might be something wrong with the way TinyMediaManager searches the system for libmediainfo for this architecture...

Log file:
Found it.

Actually, it was my mistake. The docker container was running a different architecture (armel) than the host (armhf).
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Debian/aarch64 (armel) / Failed to load libmediainfo00