Problem with movies - G-Sync Monitor vs 23,976 fps

first of all sorry for my English

I have an Asus PG348Q Monitor with G-Sync and I also have a GTX 1080 TI.

Both, the monitor and 1080 TI work ok with G-Sync while gaming, however, I can not make it work while watching movies at 23,976 fps

I just only have make it work in the past in Kodi v16.1 (never with newer versions) but a few time later it stops working.

I have been searching an it seems not easy, but If it worked for a time it must be done, isn't it?

Hope someone can help me. Thanks!


I am still making some test, and do not ask me why, but now, kodi, with UHD MKVs activates perfectly g-sync and it put the screen to 24 frames per second, however, it fails with 1080p MKVs.

Here is a photo with one UHD mkv:


At least now I know that I am not crazy, that yes, I had seen it before.


Here is the log:

G-Sync in kodi works ok with the file "Tomb Raider (2018) [UHDRemux 2160p HEVC Dual AC3 5.1 TrueHD Atmos 7.1 Subs][GrupoHDS].mkv" but not ok with the file "Ready Player One (2018) [BDRip 1080p x264 Dual AC3 5.1 Subs][GrupoHDS].mkv"

17:38:00 T:12196 NOTICE: Starting Kodi (16.1 Git:20160424-c327c53). Platform: Windows NT x86 32-bit
17:38:00 T:12196 NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x32 build
17:38:00 T:12196 NOTICE: Kodi compiled Apr 24 2016 by MSVC 180040629 for Windows NT x86 32-bit version 6.0 (0x06000000)
A bunch of new hardware and then use more than 2 year old software?
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I know, but as I've told in my first post, I have not been able to make work g-sync at all (in any condition or case) with any version older than v16.1

That is the only reason while I am using this older version. This older version works OK with g-sync sometimes (not always unfortunately) but fails in gpu-acceleration with the new HEVC codec.

About the log, anything why g-sync and 23,976 fps works ok in the UHD mkv and not ok in the 1080p mkv?

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