Beta ZA WARUDO! app launcher with app remote control

ZA WARUDO! is an app launcher that allows you to control apps other than Kodi using Kodi remote controls. It was tested with Kore, Kodi's Android remote app.

It works by remapping Kodi button-codes/actions to X11 events using python-Xlib and the X11 XTEST extension. Therefore, it can only be used on OSs that use X11 for the GUI, like Linux, FreeBSD, or LibreELEC.
As an example for the button remapping, the default parameters start the chromium browser in kiosk mode and navigate to YouTube TV. Using the current bundled mapping, you can use the navigation buttons in Kore to navigate the YouTube TV website as if you're using a keyboard.

It's currently in beta. All functions are tested on my machines and working.
I'm still figuring out details here and there, including the name and icon. So, please test it and tell me if you have any suggestions or face problems.

I'll make a Kodi repo for the addon, and also try to get it into the official repo, but for now, you'll have to install it using Git manually.
On Debian, with Kodi 17.6 installed from Debian repos, the addon can be installed like this:
- cd ~/.kodi/addons/
- git clone
- Launch Kodi and go to Add-ons > My add-ons > Program add-ons > ZA WARUDO! and click Enable

The following is optional, but it enables the psutil launcher, which has better control over launched apps. On Debian, do:
- sudo apt-get install python-psutil

By default, it's configured to open YouTube TV in the chromium browser. To install the chromium browser on Debian, do:
- sudo apt-get install chromium

If the addon was installed using Git, do the following:
- cd ~/.kodi/addons/plugin.program.zawarudo
- git pull
- Restart Kodi

Change log:
Please check the Git repo's commit log for the list of changes.
Git repo:

Still writing this part...

Technical details:
This part, too.
Help and feedback request:
One thing I'm not sure how to go about is the management of several installations of this plugin.
Since this plugin is designed to be used by my mom (literally), I don't want to show a menu of apps to launch on start. I want it to launch the app directly and have a personalized icon and name for the launcher.
I'm working on another plugin that would manipulate the files and XML to make this possible, but I think it's not an elegant solution. It would make copies of a base plugin, and then edit that. This would also mean it will have to handle updates, which is tricky.
If there's something that would achieve this in a clean way, please inform me.

Thanks to Klojum for moving the thread. Wink
(2018-09-17, 17:29)ar2000jp Wrote: Can one of the moderators move this thread to Support > Add-on Support > Program Add-ons? Or should I just start another thread there?
Thread moved.

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