v18 Odd Alphabetical List Sorting
I used to file my pictures by the "event date", e.g. in the formats

YYYYMMDD <one day event description>
YYYYMMDs-De <more than one day event starting on day Ds and ending on De description>
YYYYMsDs-MeDe <as above but event crossing monthes>

20150328-0405 Business trip to A
20160807-15 Holiday in X
20171224 Xmas Party

Pre Leia the list would be sorted that way, but with Leia it's

all YYYYMMDD in propper (de)scanding order followed by
all YYYYMMDs-De and
all YYYYMsDs-MeDe at end

regardless of the year etc.
It's the same on all platforms I use (Android v7, v8, Win x64)
Nobody else having issues with the (new?) odd A to Z sorting?

Don't know if it recently has been fixed under Win (or if I erroneously complaint about it) but under Android it's (still) odd


On the same Android device the sorting looks "normal" using TotalCommander
Nobody else having issues with the (new?) odd A to Z sorting in Leia Android?
Dont use pics in kodi
Why shouldn't I use pics in Kodi and what has that to do with the "wrong" sorting of directory names?!
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