Unable to get info on movies/music (anything)
I bought me a xbox a week ago and are now trying to get everthing to work. I just updated xbmc to 2008-05-18_rev13120 Repack, The old release were 2 years old. But after the upgrade I'm unable to get info om music or from movies. No picture or anything. The only thing that's happening is that a black "box" with "quering imdb" (or the one I've choosen) and after that a keyboard. Before the upgrade ther were no problem at all.

When I updated I deleted xbmc and copied all th new files so there should not be a problem. Please help and sorry for the bad english Smile
Ive been having a lot of problems with the scrapers in the last few builds. Try using rev 12263, thats the last build that scrapes properly for me.

If that dosent work, post your net setup/settings.
Thanks, will try it tomorrow morning, will post results.
Ok, Ive tried the 12263 build and that does not work either. I have all my moviefiles on a server (but it did work with the release from 2006). I think I've read most of the post in the forum about scraping but it will not work for me.

Oh. while trying to answer you net question I saw that there is no gateway selected. But when I'm trying to do manual (static) ip the xbox crashes. That should be it right? Anyway, Now I'm putting in the latest build again and hopefully I will be able to change ip settings. If that does not work where can I change it.

Thanks for the help so far Smile
OK, changing static ip from the client in that build is broken (all versions lately seem to have something new buggered). To change the ip you can easily do it manualy by FTPing to xbmc/userdata/guisettings.xml, IP settings are under the <network> heading.

Dont forget to check that you are connected to the net by pressing info on the title screen and going to "network". It should say "Internet: Xbox is connected" + all your IP settings.

I just remembered an old trick that I used a while ago with another build that wouldnt scrape.

1 - delete: xbmc/userdata/database/myvideos.db & mymusic.db (may have numbers after the file name).
3 - restart xbox.
2 - go into settings, video, library and select "update library on startup".
4 - set your content types on your sources (DO NOT REFRESH/SCAN!! just set content).
5 - reset xbox.
6 - wait for scan to complete.

If that dosent work try to "scan for new content" on the source.

And if that dosent work I dont know what to suggest. As I have said, scraping tvdb/imdb dosent work at all for me with builds after 12263.

Good luck.
After updating to latest build I was able to change ip manually and that was it! Rolleyes

Anyway thanks alot for the help. I've put many hours on solving the problem and it turned out to be the first thing I should have looked at.

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Unable to get info on movies/music (anything)0
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