Subtitles no longer downloading
This program is awesome! 5 minutes into using it, I donated! I recently scraped my entire TV and movie directories and with a few exceptions(mainly due to poor filenames) it organized everything PERFECTLY! I had it automatically download subtitles and then went back to those it didn't find to manually search for them. It comes up with multiple selections, but clicking any of them and clicking close does not initiate a download now. Am I doing something wrong because it was just working. I tried reloading.

EDIT: Just looked in the corner at notifications and every subtitle I try to get says Not Found. Have I reached a download limit with or something?

EDIT EDIT: OK, forgive my noobness. I just tried to download via my browser and got this message:

You are not logged-in. Try to login - this will help in most of cases
Sorry, maximum download count for IP: 108.216.XXX.XXX ​​​​exceeded. If you will continue trying to download, your IP will be blocked by our firewall. For more information read our FAQ or contact us, if you think you should not see this error. This deny will be removed after around 24 hours, so be patient.
okay, looks like you solved it yourself - congrats Wink
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(2018-10-23, 07:36)mlaggner Wrote: okay, looks like you solved it yourself - congrats Wink
 Yes sir, thank you. I never thought of a limit being set, and tbh I had not even registered with or added my login info to TMM for the API. I learned that the 200 downloads per 24 hour period gets increased to 1000 per 24 hour period if you become a VIP, which is $15/year, but can't see that being needed once my entire library is complete. 

EDIT: The more I use TMM, the more I find that it does for me. I started on the "media clean up" journey looking up Filebot, but am so glad I found TMM instead. My collection looks beautiful now. All ready for KODI.
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