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Hello Kodi team!

We (@comparascope, @wsnipex, some flathub administrators (especially TingPing and nedrichards), .... and me) have created a build script to " jail " Kodi (currently v18b5) in a flatpak " (special thanks to @comparascope for doing most of the work). Flatpak itself is a container software like Docker or Snappy with the focus on (secure) desktop applications, something like App-Image. The current state is that we support nfs, smb, blue-ray, bluetooth, Avahi (zero-conf), micro-http, many binary addons, ... . For testing reasons we currently only support x86_64 and i386, maybe arm will be supported in the future as well. We are at the point where Kodi is in a very useful state, and it is time to think about publishing it. So it's time to let you know that things are happening. Since Kodi is a huge package that comes with a lot of dependencies that need to be checked, updated, and tested, it would be good if core team take a look at the flatpak build scripts (we don't want to pass the maintenance on to them). So if you need write permission because we broke something and you want to repair it, or even want to be a maintainer, you can contact the Flathub Github administrators like TingPing or Nedrichards on the pull request (link below).

I hope you are as excited as I am to bring Kodi to Flathub and if you have any questions, just ask!

Current state:
Many thanks to everyone who helped. I am impressed at what we were able to do in such a short time. I hope we will be able to make it easier for users to use kodi and the binary addons this way!
@comparascope & @marko10_000 Great job!

For background and reference those interested should maybe also read the previously posted feature request discussion thread asking for Flatpak support via Flathub:

316923 (thread)

Those interested in alternatives can also check out the thread discussion Ubuntu Snap/Snaps packages via Snappy:

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Ubuntu Snap package concept came first but Flatpak packages via Flathub have quickly grown to become the industry standard for different Linux desktop distros.
Question: Do you maintain a list of the Flatpak porting and Flathub repo status on all different binary add-ons from the Binary Addon Repository that may not pre-packaged by default in the future?

@comparascope & @marko10_000 Again, great job! Thanks for your hard work!
@RockerC I personally plan to try to support as much as possible of Kodi's bin-addons. If you would like to have a list of the currently missing ones, you can find a list here. I personally try to get inputstreamer.rtmp to work for the Twitch addon.
rtmp should be doable, it needs a library dependency and is somewhat simple, and yes we will maintain a clear list to show which addons are not included, and why (maybe we will work with the projects to get the issues solved).
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