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I have been using xbmc on xbox for a few years now and i love it. Everyone I show it to wants me to mod their box, I'm up to about 15 boxes under my belt now. I knew that there was a win32 version being ported, and was surprised to see that it was released already. I built a vista mce htpc, but my dream is to someday have xbmc box replace the vista box in my living room and bedroom.

I have had minimal problems and installation was a snap. You all are great at what you do and I'm sure the kinks will be worked out. I am excited to see the progress and just wanted to say thanks to everyone donating their time to such a great program. I get paid in 2 weeks and will be making a donation to show my support/appriciation.

Big Grin

Did have one question tho, I saw a post about using mythtv as a backend for tv recording for xbmc. I am not experienced with linux very much, just wanted the pro's take on how do-able this would be to a linux noob, and in your opinion would the end result it be better/more functional than my current vista mce setup? (ok ok, maybe that's 2 questions, lol)

keep up the great work!

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