Win MS Windows screen resolution resize functionality.
I admit I'm a bit lazy but I would be very grateful if someone could point out where in the source tree you can find the MS Windows screen resolution resize functionality.

The reason why I'm asking is that I want to investigate why Kodi reacts on down-scale but not on up-scale events. This happens for example when Kodi is hooked up to a home theater system when you switch source and the port gets inactive and then back again.

Thanks in advance!
windowing/windows or windowing/win10 for uwp.
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Thanks!  Angel
The basic logic is there. I can see in the log that an up-scale screen resolution change is noticed but somehow the active window won't resize. Just speculating out loud but a possible cause might be that the active window isn't notified or can't cope with the change. I'l have to setup a debugging env to have a closer look...

// restoring native resolution on "old" display

// notify about screen change (it may require recreate rendering device)
m_fRefreshRate = res.fRefreshRate; // use desired refresh for driver hook
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