4K Video and 8 Channel HD Audio over NAS
Hi guys, quick question.

I have a large library of 1080P BluRay MKV RIPs in my movie library. And some of are HD Audio, some are not. Right now I am in process of moving my entire library to NAS.
All new additions as of a year ago are all 4K with Atmos 7.1 or DTS-HD 7.1 or TrueHD 7.1 Audio tracks.
As you can see I am trying to get that original quality that is why I have appropriate Audio AVR setup to go with it. Now here is a question. I do know Kodi works perfectly from external media like a hard drive connected to Nvidia Shield TV. 4K and HD Sound works 100%. But how about same files but located on 1GBPS network. I mean media is media right ? HDD or FLASH or in my case Network. If anyone can suggest something please be my guest because if everything is straight forward as adding a source and selecting home network and DONE I really have no other questions. Right my trial setup is connecting one of my disks to WRT1900ACS running media server called TwonkyMedia Server. Setup is very easy and router supports 2 USB drives. One USB3 and One 2.0 . Not sure if 2.0 is enough to read High bity MKV with so much digital quality fun, but I'll try using it first. Then if it works I'll get one of the 4 drive units with 10TB in each bay to get permanent 40 TB library .

Thanks !
(2018-11-30, 05:19)divxclub Wrote: But how about same files but located on 1GBPS network

Works fine for me with my NAS using SMB and NFS connections and bitstreaming HD audio. I don't have an Atmos setup. So I don't have any experience regarding that. But there's no reason that it won't work.
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