when i turn to full screen, kodi close.
i'm on latest rc5 in kodi 18 (it also happened in kodi 18 rc4), on gentoo linux.
the only thing that changed here is that i have a new screen with a resolution of 1920X1200.
i didn't change anything in kodi nor in the operating system.

i also ttried to start fresh (moved .kodi to .kodi.old) and then after started kodi again, it started in full screen which is great,
but then after i moved to window mode and then again try to turn full screen, kodi exits immediately.

i thought maybe the problem is with the new resolution but i also have (dual boot) archlinux on my computer so i booted there.
in there i have kodi 17.6 and there is no problem with full screen (and of course native resolution of 1920X1200).
it is working as before.
Which version of libfmt your os has?
A fix landed today which solved this crash for me.
15224 (PR)

If memory serves 17.6 didn't use libfmt at all, thus it doesn't crash.
i'm on dev-libs/libfmt-5.3.0
i'll wait for an updated version in gentoo.
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when i turn to full screen, kodi close.00