Pre-Release 3.0 RC1
after several years of development we are proud to announce

tinyMediaManager v3 - RC1

key changes are:
+ completely rewritten UI (thx to @joostzilla)
  - new style and layout (better usage of the available space
  - especially for low screen devices)
  - flexible and configurable tables
  - improved filters (inclusive and exclusive filters)
  - better UI scaling on high dpi screens
+ added a dark theme
+ completely rewritten the renamer engine
+ completely rewritten NFO parsing and writing (much more flexible now)
+ easier translation via now (
+ increased required Java version to Java 8+
+ ability to mix in missing episodes
+ presets in settings for common media centers
+ many enhancements under the hood

since many things have changed, you are not able to upgrade from an existing v2 version of tmm! You need to download tmm v3 from and create a separate installation with the new settings for v3!

Please report any issues/feature requests at (the new home of tinyMediaManager)
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Used the file getdown.txt you mentioned in the alpha thread. Updated both alpha installs i have and it working like a charm.

Thank you.
Very nice release.  Trying to work with it on win10, but, the fonts are very small and is there a way to go full screen?

Disregard the full screen. Found it, just very hard to see.
I know you want issues posted off here but this is related to a heavily documented issue I have mentioned on here previously.

First off congratulations! Big Grin v3 is amazing! Some great improvements! (especially love the dark theme!)

The tmdb fanart scraper "no language" implementation was great and solved the issue I was talking about but unfortunately may have created another one.

It's may even be 2 issues:
  • Poster artwork is also under "no language" option - I think this is why you felt as though English should have stayed the preferred language? because in the case of Ant-man and the Wasp, I am getting a Chinese text poster.
    Maybe there was a misunderstanding because I only meant that "no language" was useful to apply to fanart? Either way, I suggest the best solution would be to accommodate for all language users. So have a separate the option for a language preference for BOTH poster and fanart separately.

  • The second issue is when scraping collection artwork as part of each movie folder, I am not getting any files downloading or matching (may or may not be related).
A completely sperate issue is the renamer changes I made to the format seem to reset to default after a restart of the program.
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