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I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with their Fire TV Cube and audio.  My audio is off by about half a second or so and with the 18 rc5 I noticed some of my movies won't have any sound at all or just loud clicks every quarter second or so.  I can submit a bug report and log if need be.  Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this or is it just something with my setup Huh   I didnt notice the click/popping on RC5 but the audio was off as well then.  From my understanding the audio being off is an issue with just the cube itself.

My basic setup is a Fire TV Cube with Kodi rc5 pulling media from my private media server in my house.  It is connected to a Denon receiver via HDMI.
I have essentially the same setup and experienced the same audio problem using 18 RC1 or (RC2?). Once I updated the firmware on my cube and restarted the Cube, that problem went away. I still have intermittent audio handshake issues between the Cube, my Denon, and TV but those problems aren't specific to Kodi. I get them with any app or the Fire TV interface. A restart of the cube and power cycle on my TV and Denon seems to do the trick to restore it. Sucks to do that, but at least it is recoverable.
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