Clearing the NEW tag from items
Sorry for a newbie question but due to the nature of the question it is virtually impossible to search for it. I want to clear all the "New" tags from items as they really aren't new any more. As far as I can tell the only way is to shut down TMM and open it again. Is there another way?

And... whats the problem with that?
We do not have a definition for "new", we treat all added items in current session as new...
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I think the tag is really handy for easily seeing which shows have new items. Obviously that's why you put it there. However after a few weeks the tag loses its effect. 

It isn't that big a deal of course to close and open again, but I thought there might be a way. The closing and re-opening round trip is only about 25s so not a huge deal, but also sounds like a pretty easy menu item. So thought it might be there somewhere and I'd missed it.

I use the tags to go into each show and do a manual "Scrape episode metadata" for each one. I obviously don't use "Scrape new items" as there are so many of them I don't want it to take forever. Am I doing this all wrong?

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Clearing the NEW tag from items00