Kodi for samsung Tizen Tv
Hello ,
I just want to make a suggestion, I don't want to see the end of Kodi like it was for Nokia ,
that's why I suggest like many ,any million of people wisch and want from the Kodi Team .

have you an Idea how many Samsung tv with Tizen system are around the world ? and until now there is no hope to install Kodi on it ?
we ,unsers from those devices we will be glad to have it running on the Samsung Tizen system ,
in the hope to finde someone from you who read this , I will be glade to have an answer and also if really to know if my suggestion are in planing .

thy so much and the best wishes for you all .
Nope there is nobody working on Tizen support and there is nothing planned.

And we have no idea how many users have a tizen based TV and the knowledge of that number would change exactly nothing about it Smile
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Given the experiences and issues with integrated Android TV platforms (particulary Sony's) this is probably never going to be a good idea

There are plenty of capable, cheap boxes you can buy to run Kodi without having to rely on some buggy cripped internal platform (assuming Samsung would even allow Kodi on their platform)
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