Ember moved all of my movies into folders, how do I undo that?
I was trying to use Ember to create a nfo file for some personal videos and obviously I did not RTFM so somehow it took all of the movies in the directory and put them into their own directory.  So the question is, how do I undo it?  I have hundreds of movies in there and I really dont want to cut and paste eash movie out of its directory.  So help!!! Please and thanks!
If set a movie source to "Movies are in seperate folders" or enable the option "Settings => Movies => Files and Sources => Misc => Sort files into folder before each DB update" than all files that are stored directly in the source path will be moved (for security reasons) into own folders with the same name like the video file.
There is no way to undo automatically.
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open the folder with your movies in and put a period (.) in the search box. this will list all files in sub folders. switch to list view and select all the files you want and copy them to another folder.  if you only want video files and no thumbs, nfo etc. click the 'type' column header and scroll down to find your files nicely grouped.
Thanks, moved all of the files back to the original spot. It was just one of those things that happens in the background so I didn't even see it happening.
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Ember moved all of my movies into folders, how do I undo that?00