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v18 Aeon MQ 8 - 2.9.0 - Kodi Leia
Hello everyone, after a while out I'm back with the new Aeon MQ 8 - already available in official repository.
I want to thank everyone involved in the project, who somehow helped Aeon MQ 8 get here. To you my THANK YOU!

- In this eighth edition the main menu was redesigned to provide simplicity during the use and better interaction between horizontal and vertical modes.
- A new theme was created, initially announced as monochrome, now gets its final definition - Black - A sober and elegant theme to match the new style of the skin.
- Both main menu and other skin windows now have a neutral color. The intention is to give more prominence to posters and other media items. Do you prefer multiple colors? No problem, skin still has a great color picker so you can customize everything as you wish.
- The submenu has been improved with the removal of the Empty item, giving rise to an item that leads to the addition of content or selection of services depending on each case.
- Flexible Widgets of the second generation. Following the "top menu" style of the collections, the widgets selector now has an easier reading, in addition it gained several new categories. The biggest news is about the submenu where you can organize by type and order. A complete tool that elevates customization to another level.
A new code has been written. From the first alpha you can already notice how Aeon MQ 8 is fast and rotates smoothly. The code is being updated taking advantage of all the new features that Kodi allows. There is still much to be done and redone, but in the end the result will be incredible.

New layout and a new theme of images where the biggest highlight are the media arts.

Choose a set of widgets and you're done, it's as simple as ever. But you want more, very well, then you can sort the list by title, votes, duration, video resolution and other dozens of options. In addition it still chooses between ascending and descending order. All this works individually for each set of menus.

All code will be updated and transformed, taking advantage of everything Kodi Leia allows. We'll have a better skin every new build.

New: Suport to Up Next Script - pop-up for next episode in Netflix style.
New: Added Submenu for Games Menu - access to games add-on browser.
New: Main Menu/mini control player - button to go to Control Player window - old 'M' function by keyboard (grateful to Angelinas).
New: PVR Guide window - clock and weather.
New: User Login Screen - added button to access the System Menu (shutdown menu).
New: Home Window - added option to turn off the Now Playing panel (large) - available in Settings/Skin Settings/Main Menu.
New: Menu Programs/Submenu - Games Add-ons item.
New: Added support to new icons packages created by Angelinas.
New: Dialog Video OSD - buttons to manage color and change audio track.
New: Main Menu Customization - Games Add-ons item.
New: Main Menu Widgets - Games Add-ons.
New: Main Menu Widgets/Netflix - Keep Watching button-displays a list of items in progress (grateful to João Girardi).
New: Widgets to Netflix - My list, Top 10, Originals, Trending, New releases and Most popular (grateful to João Girardi).
New: Video OSD - option to set furniture in mode minimum. Only the progress bar is displayed.
New: Music/submenu - button to filter content by sources.
New: Added support for artist clearart (local art).
New: Skin Setting - added button to download the colorful studio icons pack.
New: Top Menu - added button to choose disc art options by disable, if available or always visible.
New: Widgets Selector - added button for recently added. 'Title' button now sorts alphabetically.
New: Styles for Main Menu Bar.
New: Widgets to Advanced Emulator Launcher - Most Played Roms, Last Played Roms and Favourites Roms (grateful to João Girardi).
New: Suport to ExtendedInfo Script - Open dialog (context menu 'C').
New: Function to reboot from internal - System Menu 'S' and Menu SHUTDOWN/Submenu.
New: Added support for Pumpkin Theme - default theme to Aeon MQ 7.
New: Option to disable SubWidgets - available in Settings/Skin Settings/Main Menu.
New: Compatible add-ons manager - in one place you have access to all add-ons used in the skin to install, view status, check version, make adjustments and know the function of each add-on in the skin.
New: Added support for animated Lyrics - ported from custom version (by Manfeed).
New: Black and White Edition - option to choose between light or dark base texture allowing a new range of customization.
New: Frame view - for tvshows, seasons and episodes.
New: SubWidgets - several sets of widgets below the Main Menu. Just scroll through the filters to display the corresponding list, very practical and fast.
New: Widgets - Fast Change - choose 3 items you want in the widget selector and then you can switch between them with just 1 click.
New: Mini Weather that displays a summary of the weather condition for the next five days.
New: My Menu - widgets with support for custom background image.
New: Widgets - support for animated posters.
New: Widgets -  support for animated fanart.
New: Widgets - support for extra fanart.
New: Auto download arts collection.
New: Submenus with custom background support.
New: Presets can be edited. In the presets list use right arrow to rename or delete a certain preset.
Improved: Music window/Albums - title at the top shows the album name as title and artist name as subtitle.
Improved: System Menu - buttons to restart, hibernate, activate timer, and access options to switch accounts.
Improved: Code cleanup.
Improved: PVR Guide - add channel number.
Improved: Settings window - text color for disabled items.
Improved: Dialog Game Controller - new layout.
Improved: Add-on settings window - adjustment buttons have been updated or changed.
Improved: CoverFlow View - added support for discart.
Improved: Total Art View - automatic arts download support (except for extrathumbs) makes this view very user-friendly.
Improved: Reworked version. See the forum for more details.
Improved: The skin displays complementary art such as disc, logo, clear art, and extrafanart automatically without the need for manual download.
Improved: Added labels for HDR and 10bit color.
Improved: Main Menu/Widgets - discart and logo for music.
Improved: Rigth List View - discart and logo for music.
Improved: Less use of system resources - all textures have been optimized for file size and color profile.
Improved: My Programs Window/Games using the Advanced Emulation Launcher - added studio flag, ESRB rating and number of supported players (grateful to João Girardi).
Improved: Clean in installation code - no add-on is installed together with the skin. Great improvement in the time of the first installation.
Improved: General code optimization - complementary add-ons are only installed if they are required, depending on the profile of each user.
Improved: Audio and Video OSD Menu - the color of the buttons and rotule of each button turns to be always in white to make reading the functions easier.
Improved: Right List View/Games using the Advanced Emulation Launcher - added support for clearlogo, snapshot and complementary information (grateful to João Girardi).
Improved: Low List View/Games using Advanced Emulation Launcher - added support for clearlogo, snapshot and complementary information (grateful to João Girardi).
Improved: Media playback window/OSD Menu for audio and video.
Improved: Layout of the Top250 tag.
Improved: SubWidgets - layout details.
Improved: Navigating Submenus.
Improved: SubWidgets - The filter button now leads to the corresponding collection.
Improved: SubWidgets - Added addon items to the Programs menu.
Improved: SubWidgets - Added reproduced percentage for items in progress.
Improved: Reduction in the amount of xmls of the submenus.
Improved: Submenus for Add-ons - now separated by categories of video, audio, programs and images.
Improved: Widgets - button In Progress displays the item in progress or recommended item (next episode).
Improved: Approximately 15k code lines less in code.
Improved: Now presets of Main Menu copy all items of menu, including composition and definition of widgets.
Improved: Menu that clones submenu displays the default menu items to facilitate customization.
Improved: CPU usage reduced by more than 30%.
Improved: OSD settings - optimized layout.

And a lot of changes and corrections in the code to make the best Aeon MQ ever.

UPDATE - Aeon MQ8 - 2.9.0 - available - 4/7/2019

In the official repository - the update will be automatic. For those who do not want to wait here the link:

New: Added support to script Artwork Organizer - library fanarts as background images.
New: Added support to script AutoCompletion for virtual keyboard (grateful to Angelinas/Wanilton).
New: Menu Video OSD/Subtitle button - up arrow goes to the subtitle search window.
New: Added media flags to video 8bit and 12bit also for SDR content.
New: Widgets/ajustes - option to choose data provider between Kodi database or by Script Helper Widgets + Script Library Data Provider.
New: Widgets Netflix - recently added items and recommended items.
New: Music Window - discart for songs.
Improved: Support for HDR video tag - can be used in the filename ".hdr." or "-hdr" - Example: video.hdr.bluray or video-hdr-bluray.
Improved: Support for bit-depth tag - can be used in filename ".10bit." or "-10bit " or ".12bit." or "-12bit" - Example: video.10bit.bluray or video-10bit-bluray.
Improved: Menu OSD/Context menu - added Media Info button.
Improved: Menu OSD - color contrast when using the white base mode.
Improved: Approximately 2.4k code lines less than version 2.8.0 - improved performance.
Improved: PVR/Menu OSD - the OSD menu closes after five seconds after selecting the channel change.
Fixed: TopMenu/RightList viewtype - missing option to set slim list mode.
Fixed: Media flags bar - layout issues in audio channels info.
Fixed: Weather Window/TopMenu - missing location name on button to toggle location.
Fixed: Virtual keyboard - missing Cancel button.
Fixed: Virtual keyboard - layout details in the Chinese language.
Fixed: Extrafanart is not displayed correctly in some cases (grateful to Angelinas).
Fixed: Menu OSD - furniture is not shown during numerical seeking (grateful to Diodato).
Fixed: Missing info if Software or Hardware decoding is being used (grateful to Diodato).
Fixed: Main Menu/Mini Weather - missing the current condition icon in some cases.
Fixed: Music Window - artist's clearlogo or clearart are not displayed correctly.
Fixed: Menu OSD/Video settings - the menu is not hidden during the vertical shift adjust.
Fixed: Menu OSD/Subtitle settings - the menu is not hidden during delay adjust.
Fixed: Music info window - data refers to the playback item and not the focused item.
Fixed: Skin Settings - option for automatic download of complementary art is restarted upon restarting the skin.
Fixed: Player Disc Art is visible in library for all focused items.
Fixed: RightList view/Slim mode - layout details on the flag of items already watched.
Fixed: script Artwork Organizer - a pop for installation appears even for those who do not use the feature.
Fixed: Double ClearArt and ClearLogo for music in Library.
Fixed: Extrafanart for music.
Fixed: Music Visualization Window - missing art for discart.
Fixed: Dialog Video Info Extended - items swapped between YouTube and trailer (grateful to Xodi).
Fixed: Widgets - sdr flag and 8bit flag appears for a non related content.
Fixed: Widgets My Menu - missing title and thumbnail.
Changed: Netflix script - changes in code to support script by CastagnaIT.
Changed: Script cdArt Manager is no longer supported.









Want to know more about the skin? Liked my work and want contribute?
Visit my website
XBMC Brazilian Community Forum
By making a donation, please do not post in the forum, send me an email or PM, thank you.

Want to know more about the skin? Liked my work and want contribute?
Visit my website
XBMC Brazilian Community Forum
By making a donation, please do not post in the forum, send me an email or PM, thank you.
After many work here a new MQ8, with a lot of improvements, enjoy and thanks Marcos, you're work is great.
MQ9- - 09.15.2023 - Aeon MQ Skin Team
MarcosQui Website Donate and support us.
Great Skin, thanks a lot for your hard work!

However, when watching live TV, I now have a black screen (+ no sound) when I try to show the info menu (the menu is bound to a key of my remote control, I don't know how to display it otherwise). It was working with MQ 7. Any idea?
Congratulations Marco and Wanilton.. amazing skin, amazing work
Thanks Marcos for improving this amazing skin year by year. Much appreciated
Been using this for a few month's, only just installed 2.7.5 today so this is a nice surprise. I had a few issues with he last 2 releases and I forgot to mention them in your forum. I'll play about with this the next few days but I'm all setup with widgets and custom menus so I'll get back.

OK.... Just looking now, live tv is way slower to load up than last RC. Now I've only just updated this to 2.8.0 in the last few minutes and I've been using this skin for a while and as I'm typing this out my live tv isn't showing. I just get the background wallpaper of a remote. Umm lol just loaded, hoping it's a one off.

Def a lot quicker to navigate menus though.
In the skins folders you have play lists with a bunch of playlist already created. Where do I put these so that nvidia shield or android home menu picks them up as I believe they can be then used in the channels section for the homepage of android.

I thought I could copy them into the playlist folder in kodi/userdata/playlists. I've put them in there but nothing on android honescreen
Great work!

Been looking forward to this skin but I must be missing something as I can't see it in the repo?

Any thoughts?

Running libreelec on x86

Much thabks
Here link skin in official Kodi Repo

MQ9- - 09.15.2023 - Aeon MQ Skin Team
MarcosQui Website Donate and support us.
Thank you!
(2019-03-03, 02:30)Wanilton Wrote: Here link skin in official Kodi Repo

 Thanks for posting!
Thanks for this latest version of the skin. I particularly look forward to the Games menu being functional.

I've only just begun playing with it, but there are 2 things I notice so far:

1) For the main menu default items (e.g. movies, tv), it was formerly an option to make the background draw a random slideshow images from the fanart database. I'm not seeing this function anymore so far..where is it?

2) When navigating the menu with music playing, an OSD of sorts randomly pops up in front of everything on occasion. It has the album artwork and a panel of buttons below it (pause, rewind, ff, etc). I don't think this is being prompted by any input of mine - any idea as to why this would be randomly popping up?

Just some early observations that you might like like feedback about. Been using Aeon MQ since MQ3, and look forward to exploring further what MQ8 has to offer!

Edit: One thing I've noticed that was very noticeable early on is that the menu navigation is much smoother. It has a great feel, moving around through my library.
I'm looking forward to trying this, but I am unable to install the skin. I have tried installing both from zip file and directly from the repository. However, each time after the Aeon MQ8 screen comes up and says not to press any key, the progress bar never moves, even after 15 minutes. I have uninstalled KODI and the skin folder, while keeping preferences intact, and have upgraded to v18.1 without success.

Anyone else having issues with installation or have any recommendations?
HTPC: Core i5 3570k | Asus P8Z77-M | MSI GTX 970 | 16GB G.SKILL Ram | Win 10 Home | unRAID Server
AV System: McIntosh MX132 Pre/Pro | McIntosh MC7205 Amp | McIntosh MVP841 DVD Player | Denon AVR-3312CI Receiver | B&O Beogram RX 2 Turntable | Sonos ZP90 | Definitive Technology BP-2002, CLR-2002, BP-2X | Harmony One
Extra fanart cycling of the background in the movie library is not working for me I have them stored in the movie subfolders in the extrafanart folder named as fanart1.jpg fanart2.jpg etc...   I used both Artwork Beef and Toolbox Script to get them to work but the skin only shows the Standart fanart.
In other skin's like Aeon Nox Silvo and Aeon MQ7 Leia Mod it works. 
I'm using a Nvidia Shield tv with Android TV 8
I have noticed when clicking on a TV shows Widget it opens up a directory listing for me, but when doing it on the movies panel it plays the movie.
Does a setting somewhere need to be changed for it to play the next unwatched TV show directly?
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