v18 Timeshift playing from the beginning when switching between analogue channels
Hi Kodi Experts,

I am having issue an with the timeshift when switching between analogue channels when using the PVR functionality.

My HTPC setup is as follows

Version: 18.1 (Git:20190217-8cfdc895f3)
OS: Windows 7 SP1
CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-4150 [email protected] 3.50Ghz 64 bit
GPU: Intel® HD Graphics 4400
RAM: 8Gb
Tv Card: WinTV-HVR-2255 (with a Satellite set top box input and IR blaster)
Pvr Backend: MediaPortal (TVServerKodi.dll version

When using my HTPC to watch live tv, if I change between analogue channels (the source of which is the satellite set top box) the timeshift buffer plays from the beginning of the timeshift. The issue does not occur when changing channels between digital channels, or when changing from analogue to digital or vice versa.
The channels change correctly on the set top box and all other functionality works correctly, apart from the timeshift playing from the very beginning.
For Example I select Channel A at 20:00hrs, at 20:05hrs I select Channel B, however the play back starts at 20:00hrs. The time shift is complete as I can fast forward to the end of the timeshift file at 20:05hrs and continue the playback.
It makes no difference whether I change channel using the channel up or down functions or use select a channel from the epg or channels. The choice of skin also seems to have no effect on the functionality.
I have other devices running Kodi on the same network which are connected to the HTPC pvr backend and they all function normally when changing between analogue channels, so I think I can isolate the problem to the Kodi application running on the HTPC. I'm hoping I have missed something simple and the experts here can point me in the right direction.

Logfile https://paste.kodi.tv/qegifikara
To be clear, you have Kodi running on the HTPC and at least one other device.

On the HTPC you have this problem, but on the other device you do not.

Is that right?
Okay, so obviously Kodi on the HTPC is the Windows version. Do you have another Windows client on your network that works normally?

i.e. is this issue related to Windows rather than the fact that it is running on the same computer?
I have other windows based PC's operating on the same network running Kodi which do not experience the same problem. However these PC's are 32bit and running kodi 17.6 at the moment. I will upgrade one of them to Kodi 18.1 tonight and do some testing and report the result back.
I can confirm the issue is isolated to Kodi running on the HTPC (18.1 64bit). I updated one of my other windows based versions of Kodi to 18.1 (32bit) and even thought it is using the mediaportal backend on HTPC the analogue channels change normally and the timeshift behaves normally.
No one else experiencing a similar issue then?
(2019-03-27, 01:36)gingaBeard Wrote: No one else experiencing a similar issue then?

No analogue TV here any more.
(2019-03-29, 10:03)mcelliott Wrote:
(2019-03-27, 01:36)gingaBeard Wrote: No one else experiencing a similar issue then?

No analogue TV here any more.

To be clear the analogue tuner is being used to capture output from a set top box.

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Timeshift playing from the beginning when switching between analogue channels0
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