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Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Same for TinyMediaManager.
I greatly appreciate the work that has gone into making this great piece of software; toiling over it for countless hours . . . and give it away. very noble and
of course with Kodi, the same. My appreciation is genuine.

Request: When I filter a movie list I would like to filter on Unknown genre so I can see at a glance what movies need to be massaged into my genre framework.

Issue (of sorts): When I right click on a movie in the list, a whole bunch of pretty important menu items come up and if I hover over one with the mouse, the tip displayed is the exact same info that is already on the menu. Here would be a good place to put further explanatory info like what "update movie" actually does.

Issue?: Not sure but when I load a previoulsy loaded folder (full of movie sub-folders) I often see the metadata load bar doing . . . something but selecting it doesn't tell me what it is loading/fetching. What's more is it shouldn't be scraping as I do that manually for each and every movie and it's already been done.

Issue: Initialise database warns me of what will happen and fair enough too but after I have initialisd I still cannot remove stubborn posters or fanart. My move folders hold the images I want but I find it difficult to get tMM to use them instead of what it is holding in its cache, whether I initialise the database or not. I'd like a command to force reading images in movie folders.

Feature request: Movie sets/collections. I want to create them myself but that part of the "edit movie" shows only existing sets. I'd like to be able to roll my own or fix ones that refuse to merge. I find playing around with my movies is way easier in tMM than attempting similar tasks in Kodi.

Issue?: Maybe, but I have all my ducks lined up now, posters good, background hand scraped from the net in many cases then load it into Kodi as a new source only to find a handful in every genre aren't showing either the poster and/or the fanart background. When I edit the movies through settings all the posters and background are present! Weird stuff but I'm thinking this is a skin thing not tMM or Kodi itself. Placed here just in case its a known issue.

Feature request: I did a bulk edit for the very first time tonight. I would only use it for grouping up a bunch of movies into a certain genre. I love that tMM can do that.
When I set the pop up for say Action, I noticed the source box was also populated yet I never put TV  in there. Everything should be blank at that stage.
The feature I would like to see here is, instead of a Close button I reckon a Done button or Proceed button would be more acceptable.

Guys, great utility and its polished too. I found it easy to work out without referring to any manuals but I have read the guide since then. I was using Media Companion but it deleted all my fanart and posters without a by-your-leave. On the net the developer/s replied to one unlucky sod that he had set a certain box so that the deletion would happen. Not good enough and no compassion for the fellow who like me lost a lot of time. I'd that particular setting which has the potential to delete hours of work to at least show a pop up warning would have been nice. That little episode scared me off MC and drove me to look at other media managing options and that's when I (thankfully) found tMM. It is hands down a better, more intuitive product for me. So that's me but I know others have their own opinions on what's good and what's not and why.
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