Req Handle Double Albums like Movie sets
A liddle Request:

Would be cool if multidisc Albums would be handled like Movie Sets. (stacked or splitted)

Which means: llike with Moviesets, a button in the Settingsarea which would let you decide how multidisc Albums should be handled. (Mediasettings - Videos - "Show Movie sets" / i.e.: Mediasettings - Music - "Multidiscs show stacked")

The Idea here would be, to allow the User to decide if he wanna show every CD/Disc from a MultidiscAlbum as a separate item in "Albums" or grouped (one Entry) in "Albums", and may a third option.

Possible options: (Setting Idea; Multidisc Album handlingSmile
• "group Discs" (A single Entry in "Albums", which guides to all Tracks from all Discs from this MultidiscAlbum, grouped in a single List. Means: by click on a MultidiscAlbum, it shows all tracks this album contains, CD1 up to CDX, like it is today.)
• "split multidisc Albums" (Splitted: Every Disc from a multidisc Album gets its own Library entry in "Albums" which holds the related Tracks. Means: you would have two Entrys (Albumtitle - CD1 / Albumtitle - CD2) for a double Album in "Albums" .)
• "show hirarchic" or "show stacked" (Would show a single Entry for a multidiscAlbum in "Albums" which would guide to a List which holds all CD's this MultidiscAlbum contains. Means: Multidisc Albums would be stacked like moviesets and if you click on the main Entry/Item/Album in "Albums" it would List all Discs as separate Items (with Albumcover) in a List, means you would add a hirarchy level more for thows Albums.
Well, there's two different things going on here.  One is where a "release" (call it an album) is split across multiple physical media merely for convenience of the medium (the artist has no intent in the splitting).  The other is where there are multiple "releases" combined into a "composite release" (aka "boxed set") where each release has its own artistic intent.

"Stacking" as applied in video refers to the first case.  "Set" to the second.

The desire to handle these situations is known; the problem is developer resource to make it happen.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
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