Independent Photo and folder sort order
Hello all,

I have looked at this forum and several other places, but can't find the answer to this problem anywhere

I can't get the pictures add on to sort my picture collection in the way I want:
Simply put I want to set the sort order for folders and pictures independently.
- Sort folders alphabetically
- Sort pictures on date taken

I can do either or, but not both.
Kodi  now has a date sorting, but I think it then sorts the folders by creation date.
I can sort all alphabetically, but then my pictures are not in chronological order.

The background is that I organize my pictures in folders that are named Date-Topic, e.g. "2018-06-17 Holiday Greece". I haven't necessarily created the folders in date order, so to view them in chronological order I need them sorted alphabetically.
Within each folder there are pictures from several cameras and smartphones, each with their own naming convention. I don't want to bother touching the names, but use the date sorting to view them in chronological order.

Most viewers have thew ability to set the sort-order for folders and images separately.  But I can't find it in the Kodi picture addon. Am I overlooking something, or would this be a feature request?

Kind regards,


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Independent Photo and folder sort order0
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